A Polish vampire movie was made, and the cast included Father Jacob from “1670”!  Will it be a hit?

Work has been completed on the latest vampire comedy, “Life for Beginners”, directed by Paweł Podolski. The lead roles went to Magdalena Maścianica, Bartłomiej Kotschedoff and Michał Sikorski, who played Jacob’s father in the hit Netflix film “1670”. Genre films are still somewhat rare in Polish cinema, so it is worth paying attention to every new offering.

A deeply human story with a vampire twist

“Life for Beginners” can be interpreted as a metaphor for the human condition in the face of the inevitability of death and immortality. Through the prism of humor and vampire motifs, the film raises questions about the meaning of life, the fear of the unknown, and the value of human relationships. In the context of Polish cinema, where traditional narratives dominate, this film stands out for its bold approach to difficult topics.

Director Paweł Podolski, who works with Lynn Kucharczyk on the screenplay, plays with conventions, breaking stereotypes about the genre. “A lot of times people are afraid of vampires, but are vampires really what we should be afraid of?” Podolsky asks, expressing his belief that true horror may lie in human behavior, not in mythical creatures.

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The central character is Monia, played by Magdalena Macianica, a vampire struggling with her fears and uncertainty about the curse of immortality. One night, he tries to convince Merrick, the suicidal vampire he created, to accept his fate. Bartlomiej Kotchedov, who plays Merrick, admits: “While playing Merrick, I felt every nuance of this tragic character whose wish to die becomes impossible.”.

He was standing behind the camera Experienced Ernst Wilczynskiwhose visual skills combined with Hanka Podraza’s distinctive costumes and Radosław Zielonka’s set design created a unique atmosphere for the film.

What does Michal Sikorski say about the film?

Michal Sikorski, who plays the Tsar, emphasizes the personal dimension of participation in the project: “Working on “Life for Beginners” is the fulfillment of my artistic dreams. The film combines humor and emotional depth, which is rare in Polish cinema. His character, Tzarek, forms a deadly counterweight to the two main characters, adding drama to the relationships between the characters.

Movie premiere

The film is expected to premiere on the big screen in the coming months, critics and genre fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere. The recent reception of Life for Beginners will show whether Polish audiences are ready for another innovative approach to cinematic narrative.

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