Zambia: an amazing discovery.  It questions knowledge about the ancestors of Homo sapiens

Traces of construction were discovered at the archaeological site near the waterfalls Kalambu Th Zambia. Scientists report an exciting discovery in the latest ‘Nature’.

The archaeological layer dates back to at least 476 thousand years. Years, what? This means that there are approximately 200 thousand years older than our species. Most likely it was built by ancestors A wise man British scientists from universities in… Liverpool I Aberystwyth.

An amazing discovery in Zambia. The oldest wooden structure in the world

According to CNN, the archaeological site at Kalambo was discovered in the 1960s, but research has only now been conducted to determine the age of the find.

Traces of stone tools left on the tree trunks were examined. Using them, the ancestors of Homo sapiens bound tree trunks together, creating a kind of skeleton, perhaps part of a “house” or living platform. It is the oldest discovery of its kind in the world.

Wood from such distant times is rarely found in archaeological sites because moldyBut in Kalambo, the rise in water levels has contributed to its preservation.

This discovery challenges the idea that Stone Age people lived a nomadic lifestyle. In this location, they had continuous access to water and resources found in the surrounding forests.

– These people used their intelligence, imagination and skills to create something they had never seen before, something that had never existed before – said the head of the research, Professor Hans Hans. Larry Barham From the University of Liverpool. This discovery was supposed to change the way scientists think about early human ancestors. “They were more like us than we thought,” he added.

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