Polish fruit grows in the world.  What helps him is the combination of science and practice

On December 14, the International Fruit Congress organized by the Association for the Development of Dwarf Orchards was held at the Congress Center of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Stryjno-Sad collection and the presentation of A. The club’s new Apple lineup – Magic Star.

TRSK conferences again in Lublin

The TRSK International Fruit Culture Congress is a continuation of the conferences organized by the late first president of TRSK. Professor Eberhard Makuch.

The conference was officially opened by the Rector of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Prof. Ph.D. Krzysztof Kowalczyk.

– I am very happy that the TRSK Conference is back on the agenda of important meetings between science and practice. Polish fruit cultivation owes much to the professor. Makosh. The university president said that his initiatives were implemented very quickly.

At UP in Lublin, the combination of science and practice is always put at the forefront. I always maintain that science serves two purposes. The first is the epistemological goal, which is to expand the scope of basic research. The second goal – application, because science and its achievements must serve the economy, society and everyone. He said this was a critically important goal, strongly emphasized, but also overlooked and underestimated.

If we had not had the development of breeding, the development of science, and the application of new technologies in agricultural production, we would have achieved grain yields of one ton per hectare. Will it be enough to feed humans? of course not. In the field of horticultural science, new techniques and new varieties provide a wealth of flavors and colors of fruits and flowers. The Rector of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin said that this is a great achievement for breeders and scientists, but above all, for fruit growers and producers who supply the market with these products.

Polish fruit growing is highly regarded throughout the world. It also affects the global market. Recent years have witnessed various disturbances and upheavals, as well as the closure of markets due to the decisions of politicians. I understand that. However, we must remember to protect our own products, which we produce for our country, but also for export. He pointed out that the export of horticultural products constitutes a very important part of the total exports from Poland.

Jubilee Strigno sad and diverse club

Miroslaw Malyzewski, President of the Fruit Growers Association of the Republic of Poland, emphasized that the TRSK conference, by virtue of its theme, reflects all the doubts and discussions taking place in the world of fruit growing. Representatives of our industry are trying to find a way out of the current difficulties.

The thematic areas of the conference relate to relations with retail chains, new production technologies, and market trends. All this disturbs our environment.
I remember the conferences organized by the professor. MACOSA and our discussions also before we joined the European Union. We were wondering about our future and whether we would be able to handle this new reality. The topics we discussed related to market regulation. We wanted our products to be stronger. We didn’t do anything innovative, we just tried to imitate patterns from Western Europe, that is, create groups and organizations of producers. This was to strengthen the position of Polish fruit growers. The Stryjno-Sad group is an example of a group that works very well. It cooperates with its members and takes care of their interests. The group responds well to market situations and knows how to cooperate with customers. It responds to market needs and constantly emerging trends. The Stryjno-Sad Group was one of the first companies in Poland to enter the club apple system, seeing it as a hope and forecast for the market. In developed countries, where consumers are looking for premium products, more and more attention is paid to club varieties. There is debate in many places about whether this trend is good or bad. Regardless of our assessment, this trend is ongoing and will continue. Those who use it fastest will win, Maliszewski said.


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