Corona Virus.  Changing the expiration date of COVID-19 passports in the Wprost world

EU Certification Corona virus disease (also known as covid passport), because that’s what we’re talking about, is a certificate confirming vaccination against coronavirus. To date, the certificate was valid from the 14th day after vaccination, for 356 days after the last dose (the second or first, when the preparation was a single dose).

Confirmation of good health can also be shown by people with a negative test result for the presence of coronavirus (shelf life 48 hours) and convalescence – from 11 to 180 days after obtaining a positive PCR test result.

European Commission changes the validity period of passports Covid

Deutsche Welle reports that European Commission I just changed the above rules. This information was also confirmed by the European Commission itself, which posted an appropriate message on social media. Under the new regulations, the passport will be valid for nine months, unless another dose of the vaccination is taken in the meantime.

The rule can be blocked by a qualified majority of EU governments or a simple majority of MEPs. However, officials believe he has enough support, says Deutsche Welle. The introduction of the rule will be automatically applied to all EU countries.

In the European Commission’s correspondence posted on Twitter, we read that a coordinated system of movement within the European Union is essential for free and safe travel within the group. The European Commission reports that 807 million certificates have been issued so far.

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