Zadra: Margaret, Jerzai, and Wichorek in the trailer.  Watch your back on your way to the top!

Cast included Jacob GerzawAnd Magdalena RóżczkaAnd Ignasi is notand also – the debut on the big screen Margaret. To meet the needs of this production, the actors underwent amazing transformations, as well as… created amazing vocal duets. A trailer for “Zadra” and a poster promoting the movie are available online from today.

Zadra is the first Polish film about a rapper. Sandra “Zadra” Kwiecik is a talented girl from the flat group who is fighting for recognition in the rap scene. Although she looks like an ordinary teenager, in front of the microphone she acquires incredible energy and charisma, thanks to which she can captivate the crowd. However, in the male-dominated environment of hip-hop, it’s hard to find a place for people like her. Will she be able to break through and earn the “respect of the street”? Will he find a place for friendship, love, and acceptance in his new incarnation?

The title is played by Zadra Magdalena Wichorek – One of the most talented actresses of the younger generation was nominated for the role of Zbyszek Cybulski.

Motel (well-known rapper) was played by Jacob Gerzaw. They both undergo amazing transformations for the movie and are sometimes unrecognizable on screen. They hypnotize not only with their image and game, but also with their voice. In “Zadra” we will hear their original performances of hip-hop numbers.

The director is the talented 29-year-old Grzegorz Mołda, who was nominated for this year’s Empik Awards. The creator has appreciated the feature film “Matecznik” from 2022 which has been critically acclaimed so far.

The music for the film was created by Przemysław Jankowiak, producer of 1988, recently awarded Polityka Passport – co-creator of the cult duo Syny, with whom, among others, Monika Brodka recently participated in her mini-album “Soot”. Jankowiak is associated with Def Jam Recordings Poland. The scripts for the numbers performed by the actors in “Zadra” were written by Michał “yto” Żytniak – recording artist for the Asfalt Records and Prosto labels.

Other roles include: Magdalena Ruczka, Ignacy Liss and Margaret made their big screen debut.

Zadra, directed by Grzegorz Mołda, is produced by TFP on behalf of Telewizja Polsat, Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel. Dystrybucja says the service is responsible for getting the production into cinemas.

The movie will be released in cinemas across the country on March 10, 2023.

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