A revolution in labor law.  Free every Friday and every weekend starting on Thursday?  The new law is already in Parliament [2.02.2023]

A bill to shorten the work week from 40 to 35 hours has already been introduced in the House of Representatives. Shortening the norms of working time does not lead to changes in the amount of remuneration, which means that it will not be less than the amount received so far. The project also does not stipulate restrictions on the methods of organizing working times during the settlement period, and allows the work system to be operated in three shifts of eight hours each. More than half a century later, we are entering the stage of another revolution regarding working time – then there was a fight for all free Saturdays, which is standard today, and now the fight begins every weekend for at least three days. A fight doomed to success – it is not known if it was immediate or in a slightly longer perspective, for example with the distribution of this process in installments.

Working five shorter hours per week can take various forms – from shortening the working day by an hour each day, starting work later or ending it an hour earlier than it is due, to regulating working time during the week to eliminate work from it. Friday, which means starting the weekend on Thursday after finishing work. Of course, due to the needs of the company, this will not be possible everywhere, but you can imagine that, for example, some people will have Fridays and others will work Fridays – Mondays off for a change.

The oldest working Poles already passed it once, although they were students who had to go to school on Saturdays, because only one was free a month, or as students – on Saturdays, regular classes were held at universities. And then all Saturdays began to be free and the working week continued and still lasts only five days. Now it feels like another downgrade – we’re entering the era of the four-day work week.

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