They used to be a couple.  Laura Preska harshly criticizes Antic Krolikowski.  Are they in contact with each other?

Laura Breszka and Antek Królikowski once formed a relationship. How is their relationship now?

At a recent event, Laura Bryszka appeared with a unique company. She took her daughter to the premiere of “Priscilla.” Our correspondent asked about his relationship with the girl. Will Laura's little version follow in her mother's footsteps?

Laura Preska with her daughter

The actress appeared at the premiere with her daughter. This way he wants to maintain his relationship with the girl.

– Today I am with my daughter. At the last minute I called and asked if I could take someone else and I did. I'm trying to maintain my relationship with her. It's a work in progress – I started.

Does her daughter, like her mother, want to work in show business? It turns out that the young lady has completely different plans.

– No, because she wants to obtain financial liquidity. So he'd rather get into some business and things like that. That's very smart thinking, she's a very smart girl. She has been smarter than me since she was two years old – She told us.

Laura Preska on Anthony Krolikowski

Few people remember that Laura Bryszka and Antoni Krolikowski were once a couple.

– This is correct. It turns out we were together, but I won't say anything about Antic again, because I'm just a talkative person and I say things I regret later. But of course – I won't say anything again – She told us.

Do they have communication with each other?

-We have no contact and have had almost no contact. I mean we haven't been in touch since the end of the relationship. I closed the past – she said sharply.

Laura Preska with her daughter

Laura Preska with her daughter© Instagram
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