His son's tragic death and accusations of affairs ruined his life.  Today, Seweryn Krajewski lives in the United States with a film producer

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He was the leader of a cult band called the “Polish Beatles”. Together with Czerwony Gitarami, he created immortal hits that occupied the charts. In subsequent years, Seweryn Krajewski focused on a solo career, thanks to him talent Famous and beloved songs were created for the greatest stars of the Polish stage, including. Irina Jaruka, Edita Gebert and Andrei Piaseczny. We also owe him the songs that appeared on the soundtracks of films like “Kogel mogel”, “The Abduction of Agata” or “Jan Heart”.

However, success in his career did not protect Seweryn Krajewski from the tragedy of his life. The death of her son cast a shadow over the artist’s life and marriage. The scandal with the alleged illegitimate daughter of Syorin Krajewski was also commented on. All this means that the artist’s marriage did not survive the test of time, and after years he decided to leave Poland – a country with many unpleasant memories.

boy with guitar

Born on January 3, 1947 in Nowa Sól, Seweryn Krajewski demonstrated his passion for music from an early age. As a small child, he would make his own rhythm out of cups and beat them with sticks. His mother saw the jam, and enrolled him in music school. Soon it turned out that the boy had a talent. So it’s no surprise that his career took off so quickly. Although Seweryn learned to play the violin in school, the guitar turned out to be his favorite instrument. Since 1963, Krajewski performed with a band called “Penthouse”, and then became a member of the Czerwono-Czarni band. But the real breakthrough in his career came in 1965, when Seweryn Krajewski, along with Jerzy Skrzypczyk and Krzysztof Klenczon, began performing in the Czerwone Gitary.

Acts such as “Don’t Pinch Your Nose”, “Anna Maria”, “I Tried Hard”, “Allowed for 18 Years” or “The Mountains Are Burning, the Forests Are Burning” rocked all Poland and even today many believe they have resisted the “we play and sing” clip Loudest Voice in Poland” – this was the band’s motto. Its members have never hidden their inspiration from the legendary Beatles. Unfortunately, as in the case of the famous “Six from Liverpool”, the Red Guitars split after some time. Seweryn Krajewski left the band at the end of the nineties and continued his music career on his own. The reason for the artist’s decision, but the novel about the conflict of interests of the members of the group seems to be the closest to the truth, but it is certain that Krajewski himself was also successful. talent Famous and popular songs were created by the greatest stars of the Polish stage, such as Irina Jaruka, Edita Gibert and Andrej Piasecni.

Krajewski’s texts were written by famous people such as Agnieszka Osiecka and Jacek Cygan. But friends of the artist agree that his career has never turned his head. The same humble person remained in the house who valued peace and communication with nature, and who during meetings with a small group of his relatives turned into the spirit of the party prone to jokes.

Seoren Krajewski oriental news

It never shines. You’ll be turning 40 soon because we know each other. Seweryn hasn’t changed over the years. He remained the same gentle boy with whom horses could be stolen – argued Krzysztof Zivchik.

It was until a terrible tragedy happened in Seweryn Krajewski’s life.

family tragedy

In 1974, Seweryn Krajewski took over the wedding carpet. Many women sigh for the handsome artist, but their chosen one was ultimately Elizabeth, with whom they had two sons. Family happiness ended in a terrible tragedy. The youngest son of the Krajewski family, Maksymilian, inherited his musical talent from his father. Proud parents decided to educate him in this direction – the boy took violin lessons. He was going home with someone on his unfortunate day. Once, the car he was driving with his mother hit a speeding truck. The woman was taken to the hospital, but the boy could not be saved. His death left its mark on the entire family. Elżbieta Krajewska sought solace in esotericism, and also wrote poems remembering her deceased son. Seweryn Krajewski composed music for one of them called “Piosenka dla Makuś” (Song for Makusia). Maximilian’s older brother Sebastian also suffered. The boy had to grow up quickly and become supportive of his parents. It seems that the family will not rise again. Tragedy.

Maximilian’s death was a major blow to his wife Syoren and Elka. Whenever Maximilian was a wonderful child – open-minded, lively and funny. Parents could not recover from this event for a long time – recall in an interview Krzysztof Szewczyk, the godfather of the tragically deceased boy and a friend of the house.

For Elibeta Kragyowska, the death of her lover child It was such a strong blow that she was haunted by thoughts of suicide.

I think someone stopped me. I remember hearing a clear voice that if I did, I would never meet Maks again. And for me, the most important thing was to meet him again – Krajewska admitted in an interview with “Rewii”.

Soon another blow came – Elżbieta Krajewska suffered from serious health problems. When it was also resolved, a dispute arose between the parents and the eldest son. Apparently, his heart was not to accept the chosen one Sebastian – an English teacher. Over time, the family managed to reconcile, and the son followed in the footsteps of the famous father. Today, he composes music for films and series himself.

paternity secret

In 2015, the Krajewski family auditioned again. All thanks to a woman named Julieta, whose story was described in the magazines “Live” and “Życie hot”. Giulietta confirmed that she was Krajewski’s illegitimate daughter – the fruit of an affair with a certain Jadwiga, which was to take place in 1968, when Krajewski was performing with the Red Guitars at the Opole Festival. Giulietta’s account showed that, based on the testimony of witnesses and blood analyzes, in 1975 the court found that she was the daughter of Kragowski, gave her father’s name and forced the artist to pay alimony in the amount of 1,800 zlotys per month, which is a significant amount. amount at that time. The woman complained that, as an adult, she tried several times to contact her father, but he always refused her.

I was embarrassed. He never treated me like his daughter. Giulietta Kragioska says he treated me as if I didn’t exist.

Seweryn Krajewski publicly referred to these discoveries only in 2017. Years later, he told the media about two previously unknown biological daughters.

I would say I don’t need your help dealing with my real kids and I don’t mean just famous kids. I have two daughters, neither of whom is called Giulietta, and I have a great connection with them. They have proven with their talent and hard work that you don’t need to use a famous name to come up with something. They have won prestigious international music awards for a long time. So far, we do not see such a need to report this to the media in Poland – the artist argued.

Elibeta Krajowska also referred to the case, inquiring about her husband’s statements for unknown reasons.

This isn’t the first time someone has claimed to be Seweryn’s baby. There were such people in the past. This time the case was revealed because this lady went to the media. I do not want to have anything to do with him, because such a campaign cannot take place (..) Syurin does not have two daughters. He had two sons. Now he has one. He loves to joke because he has a good sense of humor and the distance between himself and everything. He writes beautiful poetry that comforts hearts.

Meanwhile, Seweryn Krajewski not only wrote poetry, but also took the question of alleged paternity into his own hands. On Giulietta’s birthday, he posted the results of his DNA tests online – much more accurate than blood tests done in the 1970s, and the result clearly ruled out kinship with a woman. Giulietta stated that the results Krajewski provided were wrong because she never gave him a sample for testing. She added that she repeatedly urged the musician to take DNA tests, but he refused each time. She posted on her social media a translation of a message she received from a laboratory allegedly commissioned by Krajewski.

We are in possession of your letter dated April 12, 2017 questioning the authenticity of the DDC report, No. 3148822. I confirm that the report you attached to your correspondence was not issued by the DNA Diagnostic Center. While we can’t provide any information on this, I can confirm that there is no data regarding Julitta V and Seweryn Krajewski under this report number – we read it in.

It faded over time. But most likely it was the story with the illegitimate daughter that caused the final breakdown of the Krajewski couple, who had previously experienced difficulties. Seweryn Krajewski left Poland for the United States. There he found solace in the arms of his new lover. It was Helena Gears, an animated film producer, with whom he lived in New Jersey, where they lived a quiet life.

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