Żabka, Lidl, Biedronka – are they open on August 13, 2023?  Opening and closing hours

Due to the lack of business Sundays, shopping on the last days of the week is not as easy as many might think. Before going to the store, it is worth checking if the shops will be open that day. We checked abka’s opening hours and whether we will be shopping at Lidl and Biedronka next Sunday.

abka opening and closing hours on 13th august 2023 They will make your Sunday shopping easier and help you get the necessary groceries. Traditionally, around the weekend, many people look for information on whether or not the next Sunday is commercial. Where to shop 08/13/2023. Although customers have been struggling with the new reality for several years now and trade bans seem to have become a permanent part of Poles’ shopping habits, it still causes a lot of controversy. According to the law, in 2023 we have 45 days without trading and 7 trading days. We already have most of the latter. It is worth checking in advance Where to shop on Sunday, August 13, 2023Don’t ruin a weekend with an empty fridge and a gurgling belly

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Lidl and Biedronka 08/13/2023 – Are they open?

Pedronca and Liddell on Sunday, August 13th, like other supermarkets, will be closed. Shopping at these points will only be possible on Mondays. The trade ban also applies to Aldi, Kaufland and Netto on this day. However, this does not mean that all stores will be closed that day. Few outlets may open on a non-business Sunday. Basically, those where the shopkeeper or someone from his immediate family stands behind the counter.

abka 13th Aug 2023 – opening hours

Żabka is a shop that operates on a franchise basis. This means that it is one of the few food outlets that remains open on Sundays. However, on non-business Sundays, hours often change. Most stores of this chain will be open from 10:00 to 20:00. The best idea is to check the exact information in the app or store. In many places you can also shop at Żabka Nano, which allows you to stock up on necessary food products 24 hours a day.

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