He goes on a trip for 3 years to escape from domestic crisis

A Brit frustrated by property prices in the UK has decided to embark on a three-year trip, saying it would cost the same as buying a house in his country. Daily Mail.

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Adam is embarking on a 1000-day world tour next November that will take him from Shanghai, China to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

His journey will take him to visit 382 targets by than 140 pays.

Ticket prices for this cruise offered by Life at Sea Cruises aboard Mirae International’s MV Laura start at around C$88,000 per year.

For the three years since Adam passed away, the bill will reach almost 265,000 Canadian dollars.

In addition to the housing crisis, the man, who is in his forties, says he’s been through a lot of hardships recently, including a breakup and health issues.

“Recently I’ve experienced so many life-changing events that I told myself that enough is enough,” affirms Adam.

Apart from being housed and fed, the boat also has programs, a gym, a spa and a cinema room to enjoy.

The ship’s approximately 1,200 passengers can decide to disembark at any destination to further explore a destination. After that, they have to travel only their own way and take a boat in another country and re-embark.

Due to the cost of living, Adam figures he might even save some money on this trip.

According to the UK Office for National Statistics, the average UK household spends €27,498 (C$40,445) a year on housing, transport, electricity, food and entertainment.

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