December 6, 2022


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We have preliminary calculations of pensions after standardization in 2023. Below is a table for calculating these benefits

We have preliminary calculations of pensions after standardization in 2023. Here is the table for calculating these benefits [3.07.2022]

The pension index in 2023 may reach record values ​​as a result, among other things, of inflation. Its size will not be known until the beginning of 2023, but estimates can be made now. See the calculations with our initial assumptions.

The standardization index is the average annual consumer price index in the previous calendar year that increased by at least 20% from the real growth of average wage in the previous calendar year. for this reason Pensions valuation The year 2023 promises to break records.

Information appeared that That he can pay the so-called second appraisal this year . However, the government does not intend to offer such a solution. However, the Cabinet adopted a proposal to increase pension indexation in 2023, in which the government proposes to the Social Dialogue Council to keep the increase in pension indexation in 2023 at the legal minimum of 20%. A real increase in the average wage in 2022. The indexation of old-age and disability pensions in 2023 is expected to reach at least 109.6%.

The latest forecasts of experts advising the government show that in March 2023 benefits will increase by at least 13.1 percent. This gives a minimum of PLN 100 per month.

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