Scandal after the Poland-Mexico match.  Mess.  Fans like the Polish national team cattle

Polish representation tied in the first match World Cup 0-0 against Mexico. Our team played badly, but came close to winning. Robert Lewandowski But in the 58th minute, he missed a penalty kick, and the two teams shared the points.

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Robert Lewandowski came out to reporters and said: It hurts

The Qataris failed after the Poland-Mexico match. Thousands of fans were stuck in a huge line for the subway

According to official FIFA information, 39,369 fans watched the match from the stands. Some of them were, of course, Poles who had come to Doha to cheer players Led by Cicelaw Michniewicz. As it turned out, they were disappointed not only in the result, but also in the behavior of the organizers.

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As mentioned HRQuoting a fan named Dagmara on the spot, the security services completely failed after the match. There was complete chaos around Stadium 974. As a result, a crowd of tens of thousands could not leave the facility for 40 minutes. The organizers directed each person to only one subway entrance. No matter which direction the fans were headed.

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“We are queuing to the only exit. Some people are trying to squeeze the flow to escape from this queue. We are crowded like cattle at metal gates,” – said the interlocutor from the gate. “Just panic incident “We have a massacre,” she added.

When browsing social media, you can see entries that confirmed that fans had problems leaving the stadium area. People were looking for different ways to get to their next destination faster. Some have even tried Uber.

Others waited patiently to get on the subway and looked for the positives. Like, for example, a performance by a group of street musicians.

After the first round of the group stage, the Polish national team took second place by virtue of equality with Mexico. Our next match will be played on the 26th of November against Saudi Arabia. On November 30, they will face Argentina.

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