YouTube publishes information about why ad blocking is bad

Youtube heavy guns rolled. The kind anyone who hates sitting at school with boring conversations would dread. Because here on the platform it seems impossible to skip ad blocking related popups.

The YouTube ad ban war has been going on for years, and while it does, it seems like it will never end. Free platform users are tired of the ads shown before and while watching the content.

Currently, we have two options: buy a paid YouTube Premium account or use ad-blocking plugins, which is an ethically ambiguous solution. Against the latter, Google is fighting. Despite the efforts made, the situation is not easy to control. Now, however, the giant is rolling out yet another measure, this time in the form of educating its patrons.

YouTube will tell you firsthand why blocking ads is great

As shown Search engine landYouTube is testing a new type of pop-up (this form of ads/notification was popular at the turn of the millennium and early 2000s) to fight against people blocking ads on the platform.

This pop-up informs users that ad blocking is not allowed on YouTube, reminds them of video playback restrictions, and highlights the role of ads as a source of support for free content. This also encourages you to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription.

Looks like you might be using an ad blocker. The video will be blocked from playing unless YouTube is added to the list of sites where ads are not blocked or the ad blocker is turned off. Ads allow millions of people around the world to use YouTube for free. You can watch ad-free content on YouTube Premium and the creators will still get paid

YouTube teaches.

Source: Search Engine Land

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You’ll have to wait – or choose another option

Important: These pop-ups will only appear to people who use ad blockers. These users will have 30-60 seconds to read the information provided by YouTube and take one of two steps: either turn off the adblock or purchase a YouTube Premium subscription, that is, pay for the lack of ads. What happens when the decision time passes? According to the information from Search Engine Land, an advertisement will appear.

This new feature is currently being tested with select groups of users around the world. Testers will not be able to continue watching until they allow ads or purchase a YouTube Premium subscription.

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