BlizzCon has been canceled indefinitely |
October 26, 2021, 23:00

Blizzard has released a statement that the BlizzCon organization will be suspended indefinitely. The company commented on the future of the event, as well as on the planned announcements of its canceled version.

Lawsuits against Activision Blizzard They take their harvest. Is that all for today?? Jesse McCree (one of the playable characters in Watching) ma Embrace new name ?? Cole Cassidy. However, this is not the only reason why today’s day can become a constant element in Blizzard’s history. The company issued statmentAccording to the above announce I Scheduled for February next year, BlizzConline (BlizzCon 2022) Won’t happen. In it we read:

my seat Blizzcon It requires all of us to commit to becoming a reality. A company-wide contribution, driven by the desire to share our creations with the community we care so much about. At this point, we feel that the energy needed to organize a show of this size would be better spent supporting our teams and developing their games and experiences.

Also follows the previous two BlizzCon editions (2021 and 2020) odwo³ane ?? Internet events only occurred. Next year’s event was to take the form of a hybrid (hence the name “BlizzConline”), combining online presentations with small gatherings of fans. At the moment, no date has been set for BlizzCon’s return, but it has been suggested that it will return in a completely new form:

Plus, we’d like to spend some time imagining what BlizzCon might look like in the future. The first edition was held 16 years ago, and that has changed a lot since then? Especially the ways in which players and communities can come together to feel together as a part of what?? Larger. Whatever the future event might look like, we must also ensure that it is as safe, hospitable and inclusive as possible.

It is worth noting that Although BlizzCon canceled for February, the company still has many announcements and ads related to the games it creates.Will he join us in the near future?? They will most likely apply Diablo IV And Monitor 2.

Although in Blizzard’s statement, he didn’t directly mention any of the lawsuits, is the time it was posted (after the classroom 20?? Involved ?? staff), and its emphasis on “Supporting Your Teams.” It might explain why BlizzCon is set aside next year. Well, we have no choice but to wait for things to develop.

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