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Star Wars The Old Republic - A cult trailer reimagined by BioWare

Star Wars The Old Republic – A cult trailer reimagined by BioWare

November 7, 2021, 11:37

BioWare has reworked the trailer for Deceived, the first cult CG trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

He will play next month Star Wars The Old Republic She will celebrate her tenth birthday. In preparation for this event, the BioWare . studio was launched zremasterowan¹ werjê The iconic first trailer for this MMORPG.

deceiveBecause this is the title of the trailer, it was made available for the first time June 1, 2009. Studio Blur, which specializes in CG films, was responsible for it. new The redesigned version of the trailer offers 4K resolution And it looks great.

Koo Wayne, na deceive will not end. BioWare will update all CG trailers promoted in this way Star Wars The Old Republic with additions. Therefore, we can expect redesigned versions of the trailers hopefullAnd ReturnsAndhealth And betrayal.

Happy BioWare decision. These trailers are true masterpieces that you can watch with pleasure without having plans to play Star Wars The Old Republic. Many of them were released long before Disney got their rights star Wars Then voices emerged saying that these films are better than the prequel cinematic trilogy.

Let’s remember that the game debuted in December 2011 and is still only available on PC. A major expansion is set to debut next month Sith Legacy. It won’t end there. yesterday inform usThis BioWare studio has plans to develop Star Wars The Old Republic for a long time after.

  1. The game’s official website
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