“You're scamming people”: Dissatisfaction against summer festival ticket resellers

Summer festival ticket holders who try to rent or resell tickets on Facebook pages for more than the original price of $150 are facing the wrath of festival goers.

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“I'd be embarrassed to appear like that on the networks in your place.”

“I hope you're stuck with your tickets.”

This type of comment often comes under posts on the Facebook page for the sale and rental of FEQ tickets that are discussed Newspaper.

Many people who manage to buy four tickets (the limit allowed for an FEQ transaction) offer them for resale at prices up to $350.

“Why buy a pass if you're not even going to see the shows? You are fooling people,” protested one netizen.

Sold out

125,000 general admission tickets for the Festival d'Day de Quebec were sold again in 2024 in record time.

On Tuesday, Desjardins sold 20,000 passes in five minutes during a presale. The remaining tickets were sold within two hours of being released on Wednesday.

Last week, the president and CEO of Bleufeu condemned the resale of tickets in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

“While our mission as an organization is to keep the festival as accessible as possible, it is disappointing to see tickets being sold at double and triple prices,” announced Nicolas Racine.

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