The Prime Minister of Estonia mocked the elections in Russia.  “Special Nomination Process”

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said, referring to the elections in Russia: “I refuse to call it an election, I call it a special nomination process.” The politician also stated that Vladimir Putin should not be named president because the electoral process was not conducted in a democratic manner.

On Thursday, the Russian Central Election Commission announced the “official” results of the country’s presidential elections. Russian President Vladimir Putin He received it from them Just over 87 percent Votes cast. He had never scored so high before.

Chairwoman of the committee Ella Pamfilova She reported that there was demand Historically high. We were supposed to go to the polls 77,49 Brook. He has the right to vote. In total, this is 87.5 million people, of whom 76 million chose Putin. According to the official story, soldiers helped break the record. It was supposed to vote 99.8 percent are personnel from the Russian army.

The Prime Minister of Estonia mocked the elections in Russia. “Special Nomination Process”

While Russian propaganda shows the elections as a great success for Putin and his policies, Western countries describe them as a farce, emphasizing the lack of real opposition and numerous irregularities in the polling stations. Independent Russian media appreciate this At least 22 million votes were fraudulent.

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Estonia's prime minister joined the criticism on Thursday Kaja kalaWho made fun of the whole process in a conversation with journalists on the occasion of the summit in Brussels. “I refuse to call it an election, I call it a special nomination process,” she said, referring to the way the Kremlin is calling the war in Ukraine.

She also added, Putin should not be called presidentBecause the elections that gave him power for the next six years were neither free nor fair. At the same time, it stated that Moscow, through blatant lies and manipulation, is implementing a plan “aimed at undermining our elections and our democracy.”

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