A special visit to the film set of “Les Belles-sœurs”.

It’s official: Fig Sisters It will be released in theaters in Quebec on July 4, 2024, a happy coincidence. Newspaper We managed to visit the set and catch a glimpse of the much awaited film.

Living in a quiet neighborhood in Montreal has these advantages. Like finding yourself in the right place, at the right time while walking your dogs. The entire apartment comes from the picture Sisters And on its producer Denise Robert, Newspaper First was kindly invited to discover a scene.

Kitchen view

In a cramped apartment in the Rosemont district, some of Quebec’s best actresses sit opposite each other around the kitchen table. They recreate a familiar scene sisters, Michael Tremblay’s famous 1968 play is being brought to the big screen for the first time.

Dressed in floral and colorful dresses from the 60s, Guylaine Tremblay becomes Thérèse Dubuc, Anne-Elisabeth Bossé plays Rose Ouimet, Valérie Blais slips into the skin of Lisette de Courvale and Debbie Lynch-White transforms into Niki.

That scene Newspaper There’s a chance to see all these beauties brought together in a mini kitchen that’s so warm under the big cinema lights.

Germaine Lauzon (Geneviève Schmidt, wearing a wig and a breathtaking dress, the content of which we promise to keep secret) chats with Yvette Longpré, played here by singer Ariane Moffatt, who is taking her first steps in cinema.

The friends are getting ready to open boxes of Goldstar premium stamps, and in a few lines, we understand why Denise Robert wanted to see Ariane Moffat (*see other text) at the audition. The performer is bursting onto the screen and seems to be having the time of his life.

“She’s good, isn’t she? », says Denise Robert, pointing to the big monitor. “As you can see, this is not a theater, it’s actually a cinema. To talk about this project, announced as “a musical”, the producer cited the Hollywood film la la land, For example.

He adds that it was René Richard Cyr who rewrote the script to make it into a film for his own musical production (an adaptation of Michael Tremblay’s theater work in 2010).

Different shooting locations

The director is busy directing the actresses with caps on their heads and headphones in their ears. He and his gang are on the 14the Shooting day at 35; We have a few weeks left to shoot this small private residence in the Rosemont district of Montreal.

Scenes were also shot in back alleys (and typical of Michael Tremblay’s stories), as well as a snack-bar. Future scenes will be shot at MELS Studios.

“We shouldn’t spoil the punch of the dress,” says Genevieve Schmidt, who hides when the group is on break, outside, so as not to be in the only photo allowed between two scenes. That’s all Newspaper I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed when you see Jermaine and his friends come to life on the big screen.

Sisters It tells the story of Germaine Lawson, a housewife from Plateau-Mont-Royal who invites her sisters and friends to a stamp college evening after winning a million bonus stamps.

Ariane Moffatt takes first steps on the big screen

Because the small apartment is so active, between shoots, the actresses have to relax outside. Their chairs were placed directly on the street, which luckily wasn’t too busy.

Denise [Robert] “He contacted me because he wanted to see me audition,” explains Ariane Moffat, who confirms he’s “excited to be surrounded by these great actresses.” “I auditioned, I sang, I danced, and in short I didn’t steal the role,” he adds with a laugh.

Courtesy photo

The singer-songwriter admits she was nervous at first, but now feels good and in her place. He was also comfortable with having to sing and dance at the beginning of the shoot.

“I want to explore emotions other than music. It’s new and I like it. I’m excited enough to be back in cinema, yes, but shh, I don’t want it to be unfortunate to say that,” he laughs.

He considers it an honor to film with Kaylaine Tremblay, Véronique Le Flaguez (who is on the set and is hard to recognize dressed as a very old woman) and other actresses.

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