The lights did not light up

So, Reg, give me a shot!

On Sunday evening on TVA, 25 years after its inception, when he returned to television, Jean-Marc’s parents did not utter a favorite phrase. JMP time In TQS.

The Mercedes band will be replaced by Regin Lachans and Alain Kottur, a DJ with little interest in the song. Sandstorm 2000 is a very erroneous rhythm and repetitive part of Darude.

Quebec did not light its lamps or “picking” on the large Led Zeppelin. And Jean-Marc Parent did not exceed the time allotted to him by TVA, which is an hour of excellent time.

In fact, JMP’s first show (fourth) was a super traditional comedy show, without the “happening” side. JMP time Above the ratings table.

Remember. To begin his second season in January 1997, Jean-Marc Barent hired a Boeing 767 that flew over Quebec for two hours.

TVA Sunday night, to be polite, was very quiet and quiet. The 59-year-old comedian, an awkward hypochondriac, spoke almost exclusively about the severity of the infection. “Hey, was I just washing her groceries?” Seriously, bad masks, we’re tired of finding them in the motley on the back of our pockets! ”

AstraZeneca “Mart” Vaccine, Cheats Gathered at Christmas or Bad Meetings Zoom in, Subject already dated. Who wants to talk about Govt-19 now?

Super good character, Jean-Mark’s parents know how to tell stories. He makes an honest connection with his audience (albeit very hilarious), whom he addresses disgustingly. With him, we feel in between Sams, In the bubble of nostalgia, on the holiday that encompasses almost everything. We listen to old disco hits (I Feel Love, Love Trial) And we are talking about gadgets. On several occasions, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu’s comedian had fun with robot cameras, which he flattered like dogs. Once is okay. Three times as much.

Jean-Marc Parent no longer lives like the days of TQS, where his fans were part of a much larger mass movement. We were in the JMP gang or we weren’t. This aspect of unity no longer exists.

The JMP’s four hours were recorded at the Quebec City Arsenal in August, led by director Jean-Franோois Place, who sought to modernize the JMP approach without distorting it.

Unfortunately, the story comedy genre implemented by Jean-Marc Barent was less successful on TV in 2021. Audience attention has shrunk in 25 years. At the slightest idle, it crashes or it takes refuge in Netflix. We love the humor in short clips that are shared on social networks. It has to roll, it punches.

On his small stage connected to the catwalk, Jean-Marc Barent chatted with his technical team and invited the audience loyal to his habit. He threatened me about his sleepless nights We go to the sun Patrick Norman to the first meeting.

In short, Jean-Marc parents did what they did best: separate the little everyday things with light and good humor. But is this enough to provide four hours of television? Probably not, no.

Question of strategy

It’s a classic that emerges systematically in the final flowIndustry doubling, On the way to exotic travel (Punta Ghana, in our case). The old clan rebels against the new nucleus. Like a kind of tribal war, the arrows are aimed at the heart, the place where our mountain friends “catch up”.

Sunday Night Elimination Whistler was the lowest this entire season. The four adults who were elevated to the counseling table crowned 26-year-old steel worker Philip and 27-year-old nurse Sarah-Tonia in a red envelope. A pair was considered “very strategic”.

அட. Isn’t this more of a tactic than begging one of the five couples out of reality TV and begging their friends to send them back to Quebec, rather than keeping the four valiant players on an adventure trip? This is very hypocritical – some would even say wack – as an explanation.

Especially these first patch singlesFrom They have been talking for weeks about love, “vibration” and support for the couple in their every decision. Be consistent. And honest. Frederick and Audrey lost points by taking revenge this way.

Also, it’s time for Alexandra, Clotell, Jackson and Alex Yelle to pack their bags. They live at the time of the loan and are unlikely to serve many colorful cocktails in the Dominican Republic.

Little did Clotel and Alexandra realize that by sidelining model Marillo, teasing her from behind her back and throwing spikes at her, they only increase their chances of winning the $ 600,000 jackpot with Robin. Fans will never vote for the worst candidates, but rather feel sorry for the bullied.

Remember Matthew’s defeat in South Africa, Kevin ruined his predictable success with drainage, rot and waste. He and Claude, together two years later, were the darlings of the public before this verbal diarrhea cost them the condo and all the other children.

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