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Your TV will be illegal. The European Union has made a decision


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The EU Commission Regulation 2019/2021 of October 1, 2019 defining eco-design requirements for electronic displays remained unchanged, which will lead to the elimination of a large number of televisions from the market.

The reason for the purge Organization of the European Union Commission It will apply to a large part of budget builds with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K) and better versions with a 120Hz refresh rate popular among console players since Xbox Xbox X And the Playstation 5 are able to handle this section.

The situation is even worse with screens with a resolution of 7680 by 4320 pixels (8K), which can be completely removed from the market. The new AG energy class shows a certain expectation of what will happen, because it is the models with the G designation that will be withdrawn from sale.

J Mark It is awarded to devices that have an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) above 0.90 in their default operating mode. It’s worth noting that as of 2021, this factor for 4K TVs was at most 1.10, but 8K models are excluded from it.

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outlet Reports that the EU Commission has no plans to revise the regulation and, therefore, taking into account data on efficacy and Current models of 8K TVs are not F Series models.

For example, the 65-inch Samsung GQ65QN700A has a consumption, according to the manufacturer, of 220 watts, while the upper limit of the EU standard is 112 watts. We are only talking about measured consumption in SDR modeBecause in the case of HDR traditionally there is more.

In contrast, in the case of 4K TVs with a 120Hz refresh rate on one of the price comparison sites We find only 12 pieces with an F rating while 170 are G certified. For example, the 55-inch Philips 55OLED707 has a maximum output of 84W 60Hz 4K will be attenuated at the very least, But the range of available devices will decrease from several hundred to several tens. However, you can still find a 4K TV with an F rating even below 2k. zlotys.

It seems that the biggest problems will be with the hardware for hobbyists, And economic models will remain. However, it is worth looking for good deals, because it is likely that in February there will be good promotions for TVs, which will not be available later.

Alternatively, manufacturers can be relied upon to circumvent guidelines by offering a compatible standard mode, and other modes of operation will be available in the options. The only inconvenience will be the display of information that another mode consumes more energy and it will be up to the user to make the final choice between economy mode and the quality of the displayed picture.

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