youth. Not vaccinated. In the cities of Trois-Rivers, Laval and Montreal. The beginning of the fourth wave seen in Quebec has now accumulated in some groups of the population.

Pierre-André Normandin

Pierre-André Normandin

Henry Ovallet-Vagina

Henry Ovallet-Vagina

The strong upward trend in lawsuits continues in Quebec and is gaining intensity. 305 new cases were reported in the province on Thursday. In one week, the trend increased by 74%. Quebec currently has a daily prevalence rate of 22 new cases per million people, thus returning to the yellow zone statistically. However, the government has so far maintained green zone operations.

However, what we can expect is that if the fourth wave hits us hard, it may be shorter or less significant. With the delta type, there are always unknowns, but if you look at the UK for example, the rise was dizzy, but declined very quickly. Some experts there quickly linked it to the vaccine, saying it demonstrates the solid effectiveness of the vaccine against variants, ”says virologist Benoit Barbo.

New data

New cases and new hospitals continue to focus on those who have not been vaccinated, according to new data from the Department of Health and Social Services. In July, two-thirds of cases were diagnosed and more than three-quarters of new hospital admissions were among people who had not yet been vaccinated. However, they now represent only a quarter of Quebec’s population. In contrast, only 10% of new cases and 12% of new hospitals cover fully vaccinated people, although they make up more than half the population of the province.

Public health data also show that a sharp increase has accumulated among young people. Half of the new cases last week were between 20 and 39 years old. However, this trend is slowly beginning to spread to other ages. In particular, the number of cases under the age of 20 has doubled in the past week.

“From now on, it will actually be an unvaccinated epidemic and a youth epidemic. I hope some people will wake up because the idea that some young people today will not achieve COIVD themselves and the delta variation is a joke. .

The Troyes-Rivers were greatly affected

The Troyes-Rivers continue to be severely affected at the start of the fourth wave. It has a rate of 85 active cases per 100,000 population. Laval shows the highest prevalence, with 40 active cases per 100,000 population. Finally, Montreal shows an upward trend with 26 active cases per 100,000 population.

“We’re going to get a very different fourth wave, which could be more focused on a population that doesn’t have an adequate vaccination rate. It could cause regional problems. More than ever, the devil will be in the details,” D observes.R. Matthew Octane, epidemiologist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

Photo by Sylvain Meyer, News

Mobile Vaccine Clinic at Ru des Forges in Troyes-Rivers

At Troyes-Rivers, a series of actions have already been taken this week in response to the increase in cases. Since Thursday, in the city center, bars and shops, an action has been taken to make people aware of the importance of health measures. A mobile vaccination clinic was set up from Wednesday to Saturday, and CIUSSS said it was “looking for premises” to set up a temporary screening clinic in the same artery.

No death in two weeks

As cases continue to rise, Quebec continues to see a slowdown in deaths. The province has not reported a death for two weeks. The last count took place on July 22nd. Please note, the figures may be days late. Compared to 87 in 2020, July this year has caused significantly fewer deaths, 12 deaths.

On Thursday, Quebec recorded a slight increase in hospital admissions. Sixty people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, two more than the previous day. 16 of them are in intensive care.

Near the vaccine target

Quebec reports that just 47,000 doses of the vaccine were given on Wednesday, for a total of 11.3 million since the outbreak began.

To date, 6.3 million cubes have received at least one dose or 73.1% of the population. In number, 5.1 million received 59.1% of the two or all cubes.

However, if only those who are eligible for vaccination are taken into account, vaccine coverage will rise to 69.7%. Keep in mind that Quebec’s goal at the end of the summer was initially 75%, but Ottawa now recommends exceeding the 80% limit for all ages.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a new call for vaccination among young people. “Cases are on the rise across the country, which is worrying. If you have not yet received your first or second dose: Get vaccinated. No time to miss.”

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