Tragedy at the AstroWorld Festival in Houston: Travis Scott Comes Out of the Silence

The day after the tragedy of the “AstroWorld” festival, eight people were killed and several others injured during a concert by a crowd that was on stage when rapper Travis Scott broke his silence on Saturday.

“I was completely devastated by what happened on Friday. My prayers to the families and victims of the tragedy. The Houston Police Department has my full support to continue to investigate their tragic losses. I am committed to working with the Houston community to help families in need, ”the artist shared on these social networks.

The event was attended by 50,000 spectators. In the evening, the crowd roared, and many who passed by fainted. More than 300 people had to be treated on the spot for injuries, including minor scratches and bruises, according to Texas city officials. 27 people were transferred to the hospital center.

Houston police announced on Saturday they would begin an investigation into the cause of the tragedy, noting that they were examining video footage of the evening in particular.

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