Frustrated by the Smackdown loss, Lacey Evans teases the change

Last night’s episode of the blue show gave us that The Six Pack Challenge Hosted by Ronda Rousey to determine the next contender for the SmackDown Championship. Shotsey pinned Lacey Evans from the clash and won. 2022 is yet another disappointment for the latecomer.

She had to miss 2021 due to pregnancy. After an absence of more than a year, The American made his reappearance on SmackDown with a series of vignettes. She was then soon drafted to RAW. A column in the first short-lived Red ShowShe was moved back to SmackDown just a few weeks later. She would qualify for the Women’s Money in the Bank match but fall short of the briefcase. He wrestled a Fedal 5-Way Elimination match last September and lost again last night.

More than a dark history, But Evans is determined to turn the tide Yesterday made us realize that in a post-match interview (which you can watch at the top of the article):

“I always did whatever it took to get opportunities. Glitz, glamor.. but it never worked. As I got used to the comfort this dress gave me. To be honest, I stopped. Being me to please people… It’s time to get back to basics.

Should we expect a Lacey Evans fight in the coming weeks?

Photo credit: WWE

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