February 3, 2023


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You'd never guess who Robert Lewandowski looks like.  Knock on Bella Bella hits

You’d never guess who Robert Lewandowski looks like. Knock on Bella Bella hits

break in competitions Bundesliga Bring the network into context Robert Lewandowski There are no new messages about goals scored or broken records. However, comparing him to a famous actor who looks a lot like the captain has gained popularity Poland national team.

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There is a reaction from the president of “France Football” regarding Robert Lewandowski

The dramatic situation of Bayern Munich. Two 16-year-olds who will play for Borussia?

Robert Lewandowski has a weakness?

In the American profile Bayern Munich A picture of a famous actor appeared on Twitter Hugh Jackmana. His hairstyle made the similarity between him and Robert Lewandowski very quickly.

In addition to the portrait of the famous actor, there was also a humorous note that the recordings for the film had already begun “Robert Lewandowski‘, in which Hugh Jackman will play the main role.

Will Robert Lewandowski leave Bayern in 2022?  A bold thesis for German media“Lewandowski? Bayern in a difficult situation” – journalist Bilda takes a different view

The 53-year-old is famous all over the world for his many excellent films, the most famous of which are “Access Code”, “X-Man” and “Wolverine”. The photo posted on Twitter shows his likeness to Lewandowski Remarkably.

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