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As noted during the announcement of the referendum results, “Serum” It was chosen to be the word of the year not only in Poland but also all over the world. The words “virtue” and “distant” were found in the Internet users’ vote in the places following the referendum. The other words in the top ten are “wave,” “reinterval,” “inflation,” “limit,” “antivaccine,” “closure,” and “restriction.”

2021 word. “vaccination” and “limits” as stipulated by law

Aside from online voting, the word of the year was also chosen by the competition jury. The word of the year was ex aequo “vaccination” and “the border”.

a. Magdalena Deruogido, explaining the history of the word “graft,” noted that it is historically associated with horticulture. “With time, its meaning only moved to medicine,” she added.

The literary researcher explained that the words “vaccine” and “vaccine” had been popping up since November 2020. – the vaccine appeared in waves as high hopes, and then in the discussion of who should or should not be vaccinated in the first place, so I remembered that in the middle of the year, When everyone can get vaccinated, the main problem was that people didn’t want to be vaccinated. “Then there was a second word related to ‘vaccine’ or ‘anti-vaccine’ and the social tension associated with it,” she added.

a. Marek Łaziński, in turn, explained that “the frequency of use of the name + boundary + in the second half of last year has increased very clearly”. – Borders were already the word of the month in 2015, that is, when the journey of refugees across Europe began – recalls the literary researcher. He had a reservation, however, that “the sign was different at that time, because it was related to the borders of southern Europe.” – He stressed that the Polish-Belarus border is the main reference today.

Until recently, boundaries were associated with + outside +. When we were talking about borders, we were thinking about passports, both official and Javanese, as well as about health regulations that we have to adapt to – Łaziński pointed out.

Word of the Year 2021. More places

The researcher also explained that apart from the adjective “Belarus” and the noun “Belarus”, the word “border” is also associated with, among others: “crisis”, “provocation”, “lost”, “immigrants”, “freeze” and “death” . – It is clear that this word is bivalent. Firstly, the situation at the border is communicated in different ways through different media, and secondly, the word “border” became a word that entered the names of organizations, and became a key motto – said the professor. aziński.

while prof. Katarzyna Kłosińska explained the meaning of the word “far”. “It may be hard to imagine, but 20 years ago the word ‘far’ was not common,” she said. She explained that the word in our language appeared after World War II and appeared in a technical context – as a remote control or controlled by devices, devices or radio waves From a certain distance. – This distance is crucial for the construction of this word, something “from afar” – the researcher emphasized.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the word began to appear in the press, but – as Professor M. Kłosińska – In the grandmother’s news, when it was written about working in the remote mode as a new method. As the literary world emphasized, “This word spread with the advent of the epidemic and the need to stay at home.” – They appear in communications: remote lessons, meetings, conferences, work, but also in the clinic and telemedicine, as well as remote English – she said. She pointed out that “everything that can be done via Internet links can be done remotely.”

Author: Anna Kroszynska

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