Hubert Hurkacz started off perfectly.  Then came the collapse

Getty Images/Paul Kane/Pictured: Hubert Hurkacz

Rafael Smolensky

The Polish national team lost the first match in this year's United Cup tournament. In the opening match against Spain, Hubert Hurkacz had to acknowledge the superiority of Alejandro Davidovich Fokina after a three-set match.

The Polish and Spanish teams entered the New Year's match with victories over the Brazilian team, so first place in Group A was at stake. First, Hubert Hurkacz (ATP 9) and Alejandro Davidovich Fokina (ATP 26) took to the field on the field. RAC Arena in Perth.

The tennis player from Wroclaw is ranked higher in the ATP rankings, but before Monday's match he had a 2-3 record against the Spaniard in the main series. This promised excitement. Fuki once again showed that he has the talent of our tennis player, eventually winning 3:6, 6:3, 6:4.

At the beginning of the match, Hobi was very focused. He served at a good level, and his opponent was unable to achieve any break points in the first show. After a period of equal play, the Pole pressed back in the eighth game, forcing Fokina to commit a mistake and scoring an assist. After a while, he scored points and finished the match confidently with a score of 6:3.

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Hurkacz certainly regrets not being able to watch the match at the start of the second set. He had a break point in the first game, but the Spaniard saved himself with a serve. After changing teams, with a score of 2:1, Fokina played a brilliant comeback match. He took advantage of the Pole's weaker position and easily achieved the break.

The Spanish representative immediately jumped to 4-1. He had the advantage in exchanges, which he proved in the sixth game, when he again easily took the Pole's serve. Only when the score was 1:5 did Hurkacz's game improve. He managed to make up for one break, but his opponent wouldn't let him take more. In the ninth game, Fokina scored a free ball which he used with great shortness.

The crucial part was too tense for the mogul. In the fifth game, the Spaniard returned perfectly and earned a break point. Then the Wrocław player stepped forward and saved the serve. After changing sides, Fokina achieved his goal. He pointed out Hurkacz, who was playing worse, and scored a 4:3 break.

Our representative has not improved enough to return to the match. Already in the ninth match, Fokina had a match ball, but made a mistake. Hurkacz kept the pass, but after changing sides, the Spaniard gave him no chance. He served well and hit his forehand with which he used the second match ball.

Hurkač suffered his first defeat of the new season. It was also the first match that the Polish national team lost in the 2024 United Cup, as on Saturday the Whites and the Reds beat the Brazilians 3-0. Our tennis players must beat the Spaniards to qualify for the quarterfinals without regard to their opponents.

United Cup(Perth city, Australia)
Group A, hard courts, prize pool $10 million
Monday 1 January

Poland – Spain 0:1

Gra 1: Hubert Hurkacz – Alexander Davidovich Fokina 6:3, 3:6, 4:6
On 2: I have healed you – Sarah Sorribes
Gra 3: Iga Švetek / Hubert Hurkacz – Sara Sorribes / Alejandro Davidovich Fokina

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