Prezes Cezary Kulesza tuż przed północą w niedzielę poinformował na Twitterze, że w związku "ze skandaliczną decyzją FIFA" PZPN wysłał pismo do wszystkich piłkarskich federacji w Europie. "Zachęciliśmy, aby stanęli u naszego boku" - dodał.

Shortly before midnight Sunday on Twitter, President Cesare Colizza reported that in connection with the “scandalous decision of FIFA” PZPN sent a letter to all football associations in Europe. “We encouraged them to stand by us,” he added.

The International Football Association announced, on Sunday, that the Russian matches will be played on neutral ground, without fans, without fans of the Russian flag and the Russian national anthem, and without using the name “Russia”. However, FIFA does not rule out tougher sanctions in the near future, including a possible exclusion from the tournament if the situation does not improve quickly.

However, FIFA’s decisions so far have been a disappointment in European football.

On March 24, the Polish players were scheduled to play Russia in Moscow in the semi-finals of the play-off for promotion to the World Championship.. Already on Saturday, PZPN, like the Polish football players, announced that the white and red team – in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine – did not intend to play with “Sborna”.

On Sunday, the Polish Federation maintained its firm position. And just before midnight, President Colisa announced further steps.

“Because of FIFA’s scandalous decision, today PZPN sent a message to all federations in Europe. We presented our position and encouraged them to stand by us. Because only we will be strong. Do not tolerate Russian aggression against Ukraine!” The president of the Polish Football Association wrote on Twitter.

The Czechs and Swedes also continued their boycott of matches with the Russians on Sunday evening. The teams of these countries will play in the second semi-final round. The winner was to play with the best duo Russia and Poland in the decisive match for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar.

Meanwhile, FIFA earlier confirmed that it is in contact with the federations of Poland, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

FIFA made a decision regarding Russia. Colisa: This is unacceptable

“Because of the upcoming play-off matches (…), FIFA has taken note of the positions expressed in social media by the Polish Football Association, the Football Association of the Czech Republic and the Swedish Football Association, and has already entered into a dialogue with all of these associations. FIFA will remain in contact Close to find appropriate and acceptable solutions together ”- added.

Other unions join the boycott of Russian matches. The English Football Association said in a press statement, Sunday, that it will not play with Russia in any international competition for the “foreseeable future”.

Albania also announced that it would not participate in matches with Russia until “the occupation of Ukraine ends.” These teams will meet in the new UEFA Nations League.

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