Xbox Series X |  S at a higher price in the next market.  The first decision of its kind in Europe

Microsoft has increased the prices of the Xbox Series X | S in Japan at the end of January, and now we are witnessing another such case. Gamers from Sweden who want to put American equipment in their homes will pay more for Microsoft hardware.

A few months ago, Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft will not increase the prices of the Xbox Series X | S until the end of the year. However, as we know, the difficult situation in the market forces the producers to react and the company changes its offer in another country.

games editorial deputies (for VGC) announced new prices for US consoles in Sweden – Players will now pay SEK 6,195 (about PLN 2,656) for Xbox Series X (previously 5,695 SEK, about PLN 2,442) and SEK 3,894 (about PLN 1,670) for Xbox Series S (was 3,595 SEK, about PLN 1,541).

Microsoft hasn’t officially decided to increase the price in all markets yet, but I wouldn’t be particularly surprised when the company decides to adjust the price in other countries. It should be noted that the situation was completely different for PlayStation, which confirmed last year globally the PS5 price increase by 50 euros.

We are witnessing a very unusual situation, because although the hardware has been on the market for more than two years, gamers can’t really count on discounts, and they have to prepare for increases.

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