Xbox Series X Expansion Cards |  S at low prices.  Permanent discount on the Seagate Storage Expansion Card

Microsoft just announced very good news for Xbox Series X | owners S. Seagate storage expansion cards will be available starting today at lower prices, which will surely encourage more gamers to buy expansion cards.

Xbox Series X | S for the first time with special SSD cards, thanks to which gamers can increase the space for games – the Seagate Storage Expansion Card uses the full potential of the current generation, so we can save the latest products on the device.

The Seagate device has been receiving positive feedback since its launch, but basically the only problem was the pricing, because Seagate storage expansion cards are very expensive. We have to pay more than 1000 PLN for a 1 TB card, which means that not everyone can afford such pleasure.

Microsoft responded and just confirmed the permanent discounts – Seagate Storage Expansion Card starts at $89.99:

  • 512 GB – $89.99,
  • 1 TB – $149.99,
  • 2 TB – $279.99.

We don’t know the official prices in Poland yet, but it should be noted that in the US the 512GB memory was available to premiere for $139.99, we bought 1TB for $219.99, and 2TB for $399.99.

The permanent reduction in price is sure to increase interest in the Seagate Storage Expansion Card.

Think of all the new games that you will be able to download and play right now

The Seagate @ Storage Expansion Card is now available for less:

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