Śląsk Wrocław is in an increasingly difficult position.  Penalty and red card in Bialystok

PAP / Artur Reszko / Jagiellonia Biaystok player Tomas Prikryl (L) and Łukasz Bejger (R) from Śląsk Wrocław

Michael Bigza

Olsk Wroclaw was leading 1-0 with Jagiellonia in Białystok, but after changing sides the hosts led to a draw. In the 82nd minute, Michao Pazdan, who had a very bad game, left the field.

With four rounds left, Olesk Wroclaw’s position in the PKO Ekstraklasa was very difficult. Losses for the safe part of the table amounted to four points. In Białystok, Jacek Magiera’s team had to fight for a bunch of points.

Jagiellonia could feel comfortable after the latest in a short string of victories. As it turned out later, the biggest problem for the locals was long minutes.

Although Podlasie’s side had more of the game from the start, they created some chances. But Jagiellonia lacks potency. In the 13th minute, Michal Zrumnik went out in front of the penalty area, but he hit the ball in such a way that he passed it to Mark Gual, who shot after a while from almost 22 meters into the empty goal. He landed next to the post. Two minutes later, Jesus Imaz fired a shot over the goalkeeper just wide of the goal.

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In the next few minutes, the stadium was rowdy with boredom. The teams were unable to create scoring chances. The goal has been recorded. Two minutes before half-time, Diogo Verdasca chipped the ball in from near the center of the field. Michał Pazdan acted tragically in defense, who wanted to head to the goalkeeper. John Yeboah attacked him, he did it very poorly, the visiting player took the ball and in a one-on-one situation he beat Zlatan Alomirovic.

In the second half, the hosts attacked at first, but could not seriously threaten Szromnik. Śląsk sometimes defended almost the entire team, finally shifting the weight of the game to the local half, but he also couldn’t do much in front of the opponent’s goal.

It only got more exciting in the 62nd minute. Aurelien Nguiamba skated in front of the penalty area, after a while Thomas Brickell had stumbled right next to the line. The referee initially ruled that Víctor García had committed a foul outside the penalty area, but after a signal from the VAR’s car he signaled “tartar”. Mark Gual confidently converted the penalty kick.

After missing the goal, Śląsk tried to attack, but apart from Adrian Łyszczarz’s slightly off-target free kick, he was unable to threaten the hosts. Before the quarter-finals, Jagiellonia grabbed the initiative. In the 77th minute, Michal Sasek tried hard from distance but went over the goal.

The situation changed in favor of the Wroclaw players in the 82nd minute. It wasn’t Michał Pazdan’s day. The defender scored a goal for the first time for Ulsk, and in the 82nd minute he sharply dealt with his opponent under the Olsk goal.

Playing in the advantage, the players of Wrocław could not attack. It was the hosts who could have taken the lead when, in the 86th minute, Goal’s shot from the penalty area rose over Zrumnik’s goal. The visitors could score the second goal in the 88th minute. A moment after entering the field, Pyotr Samik Talar was injured, and he was blocked.

In extra time, the players of Wroclaw were looking for the winning goal. In the 92nd minute, a powerful shot from a distance unseen for several minutes was saved by Alomirovic by Erika Exposito.

Goals in Białystok weren’t scored anymore and just before the end of the season Olsk’s situation in the PKO Ekstraklasa became very difficult.

Jagiellonia Bialystok – Slask Wroclaw 1: 1 (0: 1)
0:1 – John Yeboah 43′
1:1 – Mark Goal (ft) 65′


Jagiellonia Bialystok: Zlatan Alomerovic – Tomas Prikryl (90 + 5′ Paweł Olszewski), Miłosz Matysik, Israel Puerto, Michał Pazdan, Bartłomiej Wdowik – Michal Sacek, Aurelien Nguiamba (70′ Taras Romanczuk) – Nene (85′ Mateusz 90 Skr) +5′ Tomaz Kupisz), Mark Gull.

Slask Wroclaw: Michal Szromnik – Patrick Schwidzik (88′ Pyotr Samik-Talar), Daniel Leo Gretarsson, Diogo Verdaska, Łukasz Bejger, Victor Garcia (79′ Dennis Jastrzembski) – Michał Rzuchowski – Adrian Łyszczarz (79′), Eric Exposito.

Yellow cards: Nene, Puerto, Pazdan (Jagiellonia) and Verdaka, Rzoczowski, García, Gretarson, Yeboah (Silesia).

red card: Pazdan (Jagiellonia) / for two zeros, 82 ‘/.

Judge: Pawel Raczkowski (Warsaw).

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