Warcraft in 2022: WoW, Hearthstone, and the Mobile Game
March 7, 2022, 21:53

Blizzard Entertainment plans to bring some news to the Warcraft universe. In addition to the following additions to WoW and Hearthstone, we will receive a preview of the new game. Moving.

Blizzcon last year Didn’t come offwhich may not have satisfied Blizzard fans waiting to learn about the studio’s plans (at least when it comes to new games or add-ons, no cases Trademarks). However, this will obviously change soon. In the coming months, Blizzard will reveal a lot of information about the future of the world Cans.

Warcraft mobile and another addition to WoW;  Blizzard prepares for announcements - Illustration #1

Source: Blizzard Entertainment on Twitter.

Hearthstone in 2022

John Hyet, CEO of the brand, reported on World of Warcraft official website Two dates Azeroth fans should mark on the calendar. The first is about Hearthstone Card Games.

  1. On March 15, Blizzard will announce another addition to the warcraft card game, which will kick off the new year in hearthstone.
  2. “Soon after,” the developers will present plans for the development of the game for 2022, including changes to the core set.

In the meantime, the developers encourage you to follow esports games in hearthstone.

World of Warcraft – New Expansion

On April 19, Blizzard will announce the ninth expansion of world of cans. So far, no clues have been left of her motives or where she worked. It’s worth noting, however, that players have long speculated about visiting the Dragon Isles, based on data in the files. the last Update Gorgeous.

Azeroth Mobile

In May, Blizzard will also reveal the first new title from the Azeroth universe in a long time. It is a game that will debut for the brand on mobile devices. Nothing else has been revealed, despite a promise that in a couple of months we’ll find out more about the project. We will see, for example, whether he will be received as warmly as announcement Immortal Diablo.

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