PlayStation Portal Revealed!  We know the first details and the price of the handheld console

We already know what the name of the first portable gaming device for PlayStation 5 was. PlayStation Portal was just presented at gamescom. We got acquainted with a number of technical details, price and approximate release date. The Japanese also showed off their new in-ear headphones and the attractive PlayStation Pulse Elite headset.

Back in May, the first details were presented, but today we can take a closer look at this device. I will hit the market PlayStation portal. A portable console designed for wireless gaming on the PlayStation 5. The device will be equipped with an 8-inch LCD screen (unfortunately, not OLED) with a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 60Hz. On the sides we will find the DualSense has been split into two halves, providing the exact same experience as the original PlayStation 5 pad, including adaptive and haptic triggers.

PlayStation Portal is a device primarily designed for gamers who cannot afford to purchase an additional TV or monitor at home. The remote controller will connect to your PS5 via Wi-Fi. The manufacturer also thought of a 3.5 mm mini jack connector. And most importantly, you will not be able to play any games from the cloud service on the PlayStation portal. The device will debut later this year at a price of $199 or €220which, when converted into Polish zlotys, would probably translate to an amount close to PLN 1000.

PlayStation_2 Portal

The display on PlayStation Portal will be a touch screen. By bringing your thumbs closer to the lower edges of the screen, we will display two semi-transparent touchpads that mimic the familiar one from the DualSense controller. This solution will be useful, among other things, in Astro Bot’s game room to unzip at certain moments. There will also be small built-in speakers.

However, this is not all the news prepared by Sony. The manufacturer also showed off the attractive Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore headphonesThat will provide a new dimension of sound for each user:

  • Elite Pulse It’s a new lossless wireless headset with a retractable microphone and AI ambient cancellation (ANC) that filters the environment. The headphones also come with a special stand for charging and storage (as shown in the image below).
  • Explore pulse The first set of wireless earphones for PlayStation, delivering the highest quality portable sound. With two built-in microphones and AI, the headphones should handle ambient noise cancellation (ANC) pretty well. Plus, we’ll get lossless audio and a stylish charging case.

Sony is proud that the aforementioned headphones will use the latest technical achievements in the field of sound, based on planar magnetic drivers. The Pulse Elite was priced around $150 or €150 (about PLN 699), and the Pulse Explore was about $199 or €220 (about PLN 999). We don’t know the release date yet.

The aforementioned headsets will connect to the PlayStation Portal using New wireless technology called PlayStation LinkThanks to this we will get lossless sound and reduce any delay. If you want to use PlayStation Link with PlayStation 5, you will need a special USB adapter, which is included with the headset. Most importantly, the headset will be able to connect directly to the console, as well as any Bluetooth device, for example for Discord voice chat.

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