Xbox hit is coming to PS5!  The rumor has become true!  It's time for more games

Hi-Fi Rush is one of the most interesting and original games of the past year, which combines elements of action, rhythm and exploration. The game was developed by Tango Gameworks, a studio owned by ZeniMax Asia, which in turn was acquired by Microsoft. As a result, Hi-Fi Rush is only available on PC and Xbox consoles. Or actually it was… because now it's officially on PlayStation 5!

Some time ago, gamers noticed that Hi-Fi Rush received an update on Steam that added full support for the PS5's DualSense controller, including adaptive triggers. Some people have begun to speculate that this could be an announcement for the game's upcoming port to Sony's console. Additionally, these rumors have been fueled by Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who recently expressed his willingness to make Microsoft games available on other platforms.

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Hi-Fi Rush offers unique gameplay that requires synchronizing movements to the beats, beautiful graphics and a great soundtrack. The game received high ratings from critics and players and received many awards, including The Game Award 2023

It's also worth noting that Hi-Fi Rush was one of the major Xbox titles that promoted Xbox Game Pass. Now we know that it will also arrive on Sony consoles. Have you ever wanted to play Hi-Fi Rush on PS5? Well, now you'll have the chance! Premiering March 18, 2024!

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