June 7, 2023


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Hurricane Ida in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Players fight the element

Microsoft Flight Simulator players watched Hurricane Ida. Thanks to the built-in real weather simulation, players had the opportunity to see what this powerful hurricane looks like up close and how an aircraft would be piloted in such conditions.


Horagan Ida This is a real tragedy for the United States. However, some found a reason to play with it. he is called players Microsoft Flight Simulator I decided to check out how the game would deal with the unusual meteorological phenomenon. At least it looks good.

Hurricane Ida hit the eastern coast of the United States at over 200 kilometers per hour, wreaking havoc. It destroyed homes, disrupted the operation of oil refineries, and caused flooding. Whatever it looked like, it also had a positive effect. Specifically, it has become something of an unplanned event in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Players soon came up with the idea of ​​using a weather simulator “Live Weather”, which attempts to reproduce the weather conditions in the game from a specific place on Earth. There was one goal – to find Hurricane Ida and deal with unfavorable conditions. On the web you can also find many other films from flights over New Orleans, which show how powerful the element we are with.


It is difficult to judge how the machine will behave under these extreme conditions. The weather simulation was likely not intended for actual hurricane mapping. However, to my amateur eyes, things look pretty good.

The author of one of the films, ColoradoRMN, points out that finding the center of Hurricane Ida wasn’t easy at all. The storm was constantly moving, weakening and gaining strength in specific areas. The bottom line is that the goal has been achieved and the possibilities offered MFS.