This change is shocking, but also pleasing to the eye.  WhatsApp will never be what it used to be

When you think of Facebook you see blue, when you think of Instagram you see yellow turning to pink, and when you think of WhatsApp you see green. However, this may change soon, because the creators of the messenger literally want to make using Whatsapp more colorful.

Each website or application has a distinct interface color, which, despite changes in appearance (light/dark), accompanies the user at all times. In the case of Facebook it is blue, in the case of Allegro it is orange, and in the case of Whatsapp it is green.

However, this color, the long-standing calling card of Whatsapp, may soon change. Not in general, but on your phone.

Not just green anymore. WhatsApp in four new colors

The latest beta release of Whatsapp for iOS has just added a new functionality that allows you to change the main theme of the app. According to the WABetaInfo website, WhatsApp is working on a new section in the application settings, where users will be able to choose the new main color of the Messenger.

The settings currently available (in the beta version of the messenger) indicate that Whatsapp will allow you to choose one of four new colors: blue, light grey, pink or purple – or stay with the current green.

Source: WABetaInfo

It is worth noting here that although most people only know Whatsapp in its distinctive green version, the app's interface was originally… blue. In its first year of existence, it was blue to match the distinctive interface of iOS 3 and iOS 4, with only green chat bubbles. The full green color came later, with the interface unified between the iOS and Android versions.

But when will we be able to change the color of the application? As with many other new features of Whatsapp messenger, the wait may take from several weeks to several months.

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