An unusual image from the Hubble Telescope.  Is this a cosmic illusion?

Scientists have concluded that NGC 4753’s unusual appearance may simply be due to the way we look at it. According to the Live Science website. As determined by the National Science FoundationIf you looked at this formation directly from above, it might look like… a spiral galaxy.

NOIRLab has prepared a model of NGC 4753 that can be viewed from different sides. “despite of Galaxies like NGC 4753 may not be rare after all“Only some orientations allow easy identification of the highly twisted disk in this case,” the visualization caption reads.

Earlier this year, following the release of an image of the galaxy by the Gemini South telescope in January, Tom Steiman-Cameron Scientist who studied NGC 4753 in the past He also said that it can be assumed that if you looked at the galaxy from above, it would look like any spiral galaxy, Astronomy reports.

However, as noted by the European Space Agency (ESA), NGC 4753 is due to its properties It gives astronomers the opportunity to study different theories Regarding the formation of lenticular galaxies. with European Space Agency statements It also appears that this galaxy was host to Type Ia supernovae in the past.

Sources: “Astronomy”, ESA, “Live Sciences”, NOIRLab.

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