March 21, 2023


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Xbox Game Pass Is A Great Service, But Not For Everyone (Review)

For PLN 54.99 per month, or in a cheaper version for PLN 39.99 per month, we have access to “more than 100 high-quality games”. The library of games shared on Microsoft’s service is really gigantic, but does using them really make sense?

I’ve been using my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription steadily since December 2020, 9 months already. The numbers say it was worth it, because I only spent 4 PLN in the first three months (in the upgrade), and in the next six months I paid 55 zlotys. A total of more than 330 PLN, which means I spent a little more than buying one new toy. Despite everything, I feel dissatisfied and have the impression that I have played most of the titles casually.

My top 5 games on Xbox Game Pass by length of time are:

  • sea ​​of ​​thieves – 30 hours (console + PC)
  • FIFA 21 – 26 hours (console)
  • Hades – 24 hours (console)
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Alliance of Darkness – 15 hours (console + PC)
  • minecraft dungeons – 8 hours (console)

Practically speaking, had it not been for the recently added Hades, it would have been nothing to brag about. In addition to this short list, I’ve downloaded dozens of games over time. It often ends up with downloads or short gameplay and uninstallation. Unfortunately, on Xbox Game Pass, a large portion of the “hits” available are primarily from shooters. I’m not hiding, I can’t play such titles with a controller. For this reason, I purchased the “Outriders” available in XGP on Steam to comfortably play with a mouse.

Xbox Game Pass is a profitable service, but not everyone will find something for themselves there

I don’t want to say XGP’s subscription is weak, because I would definitely be a liar. Especially since the console-only or PC-only versions no longer cost 55 but 40 zlotys. There are certainly dozens of “games to play” out there, but… the real successes are missing. If only Game Pass is included, for example, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla if Cyberpunk 2077 movieThat’s going to be an interesting thing about this subscription. An interesting RPG is missing.

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There is another problem – nothing lasts forever, often for a while. Recently, we can play in Xbox Game Pass GTA V. Before I could install Rockstar Studios and sit on it, it was removed from the list of available products. GTA V He came into service on April 8, and disappeared on August 16. For 4 months, you can easily follow the story, but what about the online game?

If someone paid to access Xbox Game Pass for 4 months and basically play it GTA V OnlineIn short: a lot is lost. Now he has to pay for the game if he’s going to keep having fun.

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Microsoft recently enriched its Game Pass offering by… acquiring Bethesda Softworks. So there are new successes in the Xbox service, such as even eternal torment. Here again, if someone feels comfortable with shooters with a controller in hand, that’s great – there’s something to be happy about. He is also, of course, immortal SkyrimBut has anyone else played it?