EVE Online: Uprising – Party Wars Enters a New Era
November 9, 2022, 18:03

The Uprising first appeared in EVE Online, and with it New Eden plunged into partisan wars.

Image source: CCP Games.

And the

After the great disaster in Turnur do eve online He hits Great Update Uprising. Destroy the entire star system It not only resulted in the deaths of millions – or even billions – of people (mainly NPCs, but players’ characters were also injured), but also became a source of conflict between the four powers: the Empire of the Empire, the Caldari State, the Galant Confederation and the Republic of Minmatar.

party wars

As you can easily guess from the above paragraph, one of the main attractions uprising There are changes in the faction war. Players have long been able to grab one of the four sides, but now they’re on the front lines. Each system in a conflict zone can operate in three states, affecting the activities, rewards, and available security.

  1. Ariergarda (originally Rearguard) defines planetary systems almost untouched by war, and is therefore a relatively safe area.
  2. On the other hand, positions on the front lines are places adjacent to enemy systems. They are at the center of the conflict, where the fight does not end, but it is also easier to get valuable spoils.
  3. Between the two countries are front-line command operations of strategic importance.

In addition to close combat and land grabs, players can give their party an advantage by erecting key structures such as listening stations, operations centers, and propaganda buildings to demoralize enemy pilots.

At the same time, CCP Games Studio Increased the number of loyalty points earned for supporting parties in all systems affected by the war. It also removed the “positive feedback loop” that was introduced three years ago.

Fleets and emblems

Bring conflict with him too 16 new ships. Each side got a destroyer and an armored one, and the old units were rebalanced, not just those belonging to the faction’s fleets.

In the MMO, it broke out

Uprising put 16 new units at the players’ disposal. Source: CCP Games.

in eve online There are also new companies (including Receipt), skills, cosmetics, missions, and Possibility to decorate ships with signs of alliances and partnerships. In addition, the creators again took up the audio-visual layer of the game, which we will note, among other things, in cosmetic hangars, as well as support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 technology

uprising And patch 20.10 is also a lot of fixes, they are visible both in utilities for novice players and in game improvements, user interface, etc. A huge list of all the changes can be found on The game’s official website.

Free premium and more

In the MMO, broke out

The creators of EVE Online have prepared a few gifts to encourage you to check out the new expansion.

CCP Games also decided to celebrate the premiere uprising special event. Until November 17 Players can log into the game to claim various rewards. It includes, among other things, ship skins, and Omega account holders will also receive 425,000 skill points.

Speaking of this topic, Until November 22 can pick up Free subscription to Omega for 7 days. Simply log into the game and visit the New Eden Store.

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