First Division League 1: "Gapchan" wins by referees' decision!  Fifth loss for "BGC Bonus"

Peter Witchack He lost the fifth fight in mixed martial arts. ‘BGC Bonus’ was defeated after three rounds by unanimous decision of the judges Jakub “Japczan” Piotrowicz”.

The two of them quickly attacked each other with a series of hooks, but after a few seconds, they definitely calmed down and attacked with one blow from time to time. Until the end of the tour, they approached each other very quietly, but after only three minutes you could see more fatigue in “Japczan”.

After the start of the second round, Piotrowicz went into the grab and pressed Witczak into the net. “Japczan” tried to put the guillotine in a standing position, but the “Bonus BGC” came out of the stand. A few dozen seconds before the end of the copy, Piotrowicz blasted off his opponent with a series of hits and it looked like he was about to win. In the end, however, the gong finished the second round.

In the third round, very little happened and the players were struggling to survive until the judges’ decision. Neither of them wanted to attack the opponent with a series of blows due to extreme exhaustion. It was definitely the scene in which the fewest hits were fired.

The judges decided on the verdict. “Japczan” won by a unanimous decision of the judges.

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