WWE Xtreme Rules 2022 Results

WWE presented its extreme event with “Extreme Rules 2022” live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 7.

– The WWE Extreme Rules 2022 pre-show kicks off with a welcome panel featuring Kevin Patrick, Booker D, Jerry Lawler and Peter Rosenberg. The team discusses the night’s matches throughout kickoff.

WWE Xtreme Rules Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Commentators are Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

– Tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules special begins with the opening video of the event with commentary by Paul Heyman. Pyros and commentators welcome us.

A good old fashioned Donnybrook match

Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland) vs. the Imperium (Günther, Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser)

At the end of the fight, Sheamus used his Celtic Cross through the commentary table to knock Gunther out. Dunne and Holland hold back Vinci and Sheamus Brock kicks him for the three count.

Winners: Brawling Brutes

– We present a video on Bianca Belair.

Backstage, Megan stops Miss for her comment about Dexter Loomis. He refuses to name Miss Loomis. Miz says he has no competition, but he’s still welcome. He’s here because last Monday, Loomis wanted to ruin Miz’s birthday so he could meet Triple H. Miz stops talking to look at the Philadelphia hockey mascot. Chinnam gives him a t-shirt, but Miz refuses the present saying that she has her multi-thousand dollar dress.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Extreme Rules Match

Ronda Rousey vs. Liv Morgan (C)

At the end of the fight, Morgan attacked Rousey with a chair and threw the chair at her for a coat breaker. Morgan sets up a table in the ring and lays Rousey on it. Morgan climbs into the corner and Senton splashes across the table to cover her, but Rousey counters. Rosey goes straight with an arm bar on Morgan. Morgan tries to take it down with a powerbomb, but Rousey chases the submission. Rousey applies head pressure and Morgan is stunned.

Winner: Ronda Rousey By submission – The new champion

– We present a promo video of Logan Paul and Roman Reigns facing each other at the Crown Jewel.

– The wrestlers arrive for a strap match. Cross refuses to dress for the match and begins attacking McIntyre. Gross takes him out of the ring and into the crowd and punches him. McIntyre manages to block the cross and Side slams him on the apron. McIntyre ties Cross on the strap and the match officially begins.

Strap competition

Drew McIntyre vs. Carrion Cross Scarlett with

At the end of the fight, McIntyre prepares for his finisher, but Scarlett blocks his way and pepper sprays him in the face. Krause takes the opportunity to build up his Krause Hammer for a three count on McIntyre.

Winner: Carrion Cross

– We present a video about Edge’s life.

– Backstage, Miz is on the phone with Maryse to talk about their anniversary. Miz explains that she’s going to talk to Triple H to make sure everything is okay. Chinnam is back and Miz leaves in anger.

– We present a video on the history between Paley and Beler.

Raw Women’s Championship – Ladder Match

Bailey vs. Bianca Bellaire (c)

During the fight, Belaire climbs the ladder, but Ayo Skye and Dakota Kai arrive to push her back to the ground. Belair blocks Skye in the corner and grabs Kay for a double KO. Bayley comes back into the ring with a ladder and hits Beler.

At the end of the fight, Belair and Bayley face off at the top of the ladder. Baye slams Belaire against the ladder to knock her down, but Belaire gets up and hits her by her hair to knock her down. Belair continues with a KOD with a ladder on Bay. He climbs the ladder to grab the belt.

Winner: Bianca Belaire

– We present a video about Roman rule.

– Commentators preview RAW from October 10th.

I am withdrawing from the competition

Edge vs. Finn Balor

At the end of the fight, Edge applies an ankle lock on Balor, but Damian Priest comes in with Dominic to distract him. Edge spears Balor and they run into Priest and Dominic at the bottom of the ring. Edge prepares for a spear, but Rhea Ripley comes in and handcuffs him to a rope. Judgment Day enters the ring to beat Edge three-on-one. They hit Edge with a kendo stick but Edge refuses to give up. Rey Mysterio’s music starts and he arrives. Ray blocks the Judgment Day members and gives the priest a 619, but Dominic punches him in the face. Dominique knocks Ray out. Beth Phoenix comes in and takes the kendo stick away from Balor to punch everyone. Phoenix spears Ripley and takes the key from her to untie Edge. Edge makes a spear to the priest and a low blow to Dominic who wants to shake hands. Balor takes a chance for the Slingblade, but Edge blocks the charge with a spear. Edge makes a second spear, then a third. Edge crossfaces Balor with a chair, but Ripley hits Phoenix. Priest comes back, chokeslams Edge and Balor finishes with a finishing blow. Balor lands two more finishers. Edge refuses to give up. Ripley threatens Con-Ser-Du on Phoenix and Edge gives up.

Winner: Finn Balor

– After the fight, Ripley goes con-ser-to on Phoenix anyway! Judgment Day leaves the ring and the officials arrive to deal with Phoenix.

– We present a video on the life of Charlotte Flair.

– Backstage, Miz wants to knock on Triple H’s door, but the mascot comes back. Miz smashes the symbol to the floor. Dexter Loomis comes up behind and grabs Miz to calm him down and helps him get the mascot to his feet.

– We present a video on Rollins’ history against Riddle.

Pit match fight

Special Referee: Daniel Cormier

Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

At the end of the fight, Rollins and Riddle face off against the top wall. Rollins manages to powerbomb him against the cage and he follows up with a succession. Rollins goes for a stomp but Riddle drops him with an RKO and Rollins falls off the wall. Riddle hits a senton splash off the wall on Rollins. Riddle gets up and gets him in a triangle, Rollins looks to slam him against the cage and pin him back, but Riddle follows up with a submission and Rollins taps out.

Winner: Riddle By submission

– After the fight, Riddle celebrates his victory on stage, but the lights go out. We hear the beginning of Bray Wyatt’s theme song proclaiming that he holds the whole world in his hands. Firefly Fun House characters are seen one after the other in the crowd. Finally Fiend is last at ringside.

The camera pans to the stage and we see a door. The camera enters the video. We find ourselves in the dusty Firefly Fun House. A masked man asks who killed them all. We return to the stage, the door opens. A new masked character emerges with a lamp. He took off the mask and it was Bray Wyatt ! Wyatt turns off his lamp and the show ends with his butterfly symbol.

Photo credit: WWE

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