In the kaleidoscopic world of manga, Mashle: Magic and Muscles stands tall. A dynamic blend of action, humor, and fantasy, the manga narrates the extraordinary tale of Mash Vandead, a young boy born in a world of magic, but without a speck of it within him. Created by Hajime Komoto, the series proves to be a delightful deviation from traditional magical narratives, capturing the hearts of countless fans worldwide.

Quick Start:

  • No Of Chapter : 158
  • Release Date : June 11, 2023
  • Language : Japanese
  • Genre : Adventure Comic fantasy
  • Where to Read : Viz Media & Shonen Jump
  • Rating : 7.9/10 in IMDb

Popularity of the Show

Since its inception in January 2020, Mashle: Magic and Muscles has quickly climbed the ranks of beloved manga. Its unique premise of a magic-less protagonist in a magical world, alongside the comic relief it offers in the form of Mash’s strong physique and sheer simplicity, has endeared it to a vast audience. Its entertaining storylines and lovable characters continue to earn it accolades and appreciation, making it a must-read for manga enthusiasts.


Mashle Magic and Muscles Chapter 159 Release Date

The excitement and anticipation among the fans have reached a fever pitch with the announcement of the upcoming release of Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 159. The new chapter is expected to hit the stands on June 11, 2023. Given the current climate of the story, this release promises to be an engaging continuation of Mash’s muscle-filled journey.

Mashle Magic and Muscles Chapter 159 Cast

The characters of Mashle: Magic and Muscles are as colorful and diverse as the magical world they inhabit. From our non-magical yet uber-strong protagonist Mash Vandead to his magic-wielding peers and adversaries, each character brings a unique dynamic to the storyline. Other noteworthy characters include Lance Crown, Dot Barrett, and Finn Ames, who all significantly contribute to the manga’s vibrant world.

Mashle Magic and Muscles Chapter 159 Spoiler

The anticipation for Chapter 159 is sky-high, with fans eagerly speculating what the future holds for Mash. While we cannot predict the exact plot twists and turns, we can certainly expect Mash to face his challenges head-on, armed with his incredible strength and unwavering determination. His journey towards acceptance in a world that initially rejected him will no doubt continue to be fraught with challenges that test his resolve and courage.

What Happened in the Previous Chapter?


[DISC] Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Chapter 158
by u/AutoShonenpon in manga

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 158, titled Mash Burnedead and the Magic of Friendship, saw a heartwarming display of camaraderie and unity.

The chapter commenced with Max expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to repay his debt to Mash. In an unexpected show of solidarity, all the fellows who attended the exam with Mash stepped forward to assist him, regardless of their past interactions with our magic-less protagonist. Even the individual whose outfit Mash had previously damaged arrived to demonstrate his support. Surprisingly, his clothes still bore the marks of Mash’s unintentional destruction, giving off the impression that he’d never bothered to mend them.

Kaldo, who had been the one to gather everyone, appeared visibly anxious, worrying that his outreach may have been overly forceful. However, his fears were quickly allayed when he discovered that everyone was more than willing to lend a hand once they learned Mash was the one needing help.

The chapter took a more emotional turn when Pops, a figure from Mash’s past, arrived. Pops had always been concerned about Mash’s well-being in a world dominated by magic, fearing that Mash’s lack of magical prowess would render him unable to cultivate relationships or garner respect. Yet, in a heartfelt moment, Pops confessed that he was pleased his fears turned out to be unwarranted. Despite lacking magical abilities, Mash possessed something more potent – the power of kindness and sincerity, which had won over the hearts of those around him.

The climax of the chapter saw Pops express his admiration for Mash’s maturity and the man he had become. Following his mentor’s words, Mash admitted that he was merely adhering to Pops’ teachings, leaving the latter moved to tears. This emotional exchange highlighted Mash’s growth and the significant impact his honesty and benevolence had on those around him.

The chapter concluded on an inspiring note, with Lemon asserting that, besides their circle, the rest of the world was ready to rally again after witnessing Mash’s determination and resolve. The energy and anticipation for the next chapter were palpable as readers were left wondering how Mash’s journey would unfold in the light of these profound realizations.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 158 was indeed a pivotal point in the series, offering depth to the characters and fostering an even stronger connection between them and the readers. The chapter encapsulated the essence of the narrative – strength is not merely physical or magical; it’s also the strength of one’s character, the strength of unity, and the strength of resolve. The chapter set an exciting premise for Chapter 159, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the continuation of this muscle and magic journey.

Ratings of the Show

Mashle: Magic and Muscles boasts a commendable rating of 7.9/10 on IMDb. This rating is a testament to the series’ engaging plot, distinctive characters, and unique mix of action and humor. Despite Mash’s lack of magical abilities, his physical prowess and relentless spirit shine through, captivating readers and earning the series a spot amongst the highest-rated manga.

Review of the Show

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is an exciting and entertaining deviation from the traditional magical narratives. It showcases the power of determination and strength, both physical and mental, in a world where magic reigns supreme. The humor interwoven with action sequences keeps the readers hooked, while the character development, especially of Mash, is engaging and profound. It is an inspiring tale that underlines the notion that strength lies not only in magic but also in the magic of human spirit.

Where to Read

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is officially available to read on Viz Media and the Shonen Jump app. These platforms provide a legal and reliable way to follow Mash’s journey, ensuring high-quality translations and supporting the creators.


In conclusion, Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 159 promises to be an exciting continuation of Mash’s journey. As he battles adversities, armed with nothing but his immense strength and determination, Mash is slowly but surely reshaping the magical world around him. This manga series has etched itself into the hearts of fans worldwide, its unique narrative and dynamic characters making it a must-read for any manga enthusiast.

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