June 6, 2023


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Celine Dion was heartbroken by Gilbert Delorme

Celine Dion was heartbroken by Gilbert Delorme

Did you know Celine Dion once had one? crush On Gilbert Delorme?

Yesterday, in an article published on “The bag of chips”, we brought to light this story that dates back several years, but is still very interesting.

What is the context?

In September 1983, the singer took part in the show A performance portrait of Celine Dion. In the conception of the show, there was a moment when he had to film a scene with Gilbert Delorme.

At the time, Canadian defender Celine had to drive a convertible. Then she rested her head on his shoulder and felt her heart pounding.

Why? Because Delorme was attractive.

She asks René Angelil to arrange a meal for her with Delorme, but learns that the Canadian’s protector cannot. That’s when she burst into tears.

The story doesn’t say if Gilbert, the current host of BPM Sports, said no … or if René Angell, who is married to Celine Dion, actually sent the message to the Canadian player.

We can especially think that the age difference (they are almost six years apart) has done its job and in the early 1980s, it was a very noticeable difference. It could be that.

The rest is history.


But this story is more interesting to observe. After all, like other Quebecers, hockey is well and truly rooted in Celine Dion.

This, even though she now lives in the land of the Golden Knights.

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