At 46, Sarah Michelle Gellar shines in a swimsuit

On January 2, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar caught the attention of her fans with new travel photos on her social media.

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Indeed enjoying a well-deserved vacation under the sun, the mother-of-one and entrepreneur shared a mesmerizing glimpse of her glamorous trip on Instagram, flaunting her flawless figure in a vibrant orange swimsuit.

Actually, the actress I know what you did last summer She shares a carousel of photos that are sure to inspire the irresistible urge to pack your suitcases to head south.

with husband, Freddie Prinze JrFor more than 20 years he has shared an inspiring love story, once in the shoes of the iconic Buffy Summers, a vampire hunter, revealing intimate moments of their escape from paradise.

Check them out below:

“If I don't read you….here's why. Vacation photos, part one,” she wrote in the caption.

«Holiday Warehouse #2 – Family and Friends,” she wrote under the second carousel:

Recall that the couple already delighted nostalgic fans with incredible photos from their trip to Italy at the end of last summer.

In 2023, Sarah Michelle Gellar has been the lead role on the small screen for years in the series. Paramount +, Wolf pack. As of now, we don't know if the series will be eligible for a second season or if it will unfortunately be axed in 2024, just like these 55 shows. We will be able to see him on the small screen from 2024 onwards. He will be a guest judge in the next season RuPaul's Drag Race.

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