WWE Survivor Series 2021 Results

WWE delivered its WWE Survivor Series 2021 PPV live on November 21 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It’s time of year that RAW superstars face off against SmackDown.

– The WWE Survivor Series 2021 pre-show kicks off with a team consisting of Kyla Broxton, Jerry Lawler, Peter Rosenberg, Booker D and Kevin Patrick.

– Behind the scenes, we see the women’s team from SmackDown. Sasha says they can’t miss tonight. Their best team with the WWE leader, Charlotte Flair Tony is the woman who handled the storm, the best Natalia of all time, the muscles with Shina Posler and … the woman who forgot her name. Follow his path and they will succeed. Shatsi and Sasha argue, and then they go their separate ways.

Intercontinental Champion vs United States Champion

Shinsuke Nakamura With Rick Fox vs Damien Priest

At the end of the fight, Nagamura starts his finisher, but the priest avoids him and rolls over, but he resists. Nagmora pushes him away and kicks him to cover him up, but he resists. Nagaura re-enters Kinshasa, but the priest gives Chokslam to cover him up, but he resists. The priest takes him to the finisher, but Nakamura wants to stop him and use an arm band for him, but the priest drops him with a triangular choke. Fox distracts the priest with a guitar solo, and Nakamura pushes him away. The priest left the ring to break Box’s guitar and beat him. Nagamura wants to intervene, but the priest hits him with a piece of guitar and the referee disqualifies him.

Cagnant: Shinsuke Nakamura By disqualification (SmackDown)

– Kevin Owens sits in a chair with the panel and says he’s going to give his all for this Survivor Series.

– Behind the scenes, a limousine arrives and Vince McMahon exits. All the superstars are happy to see him. Vince takes out a golden egg and everyone is still happy.

– The team makes its predictions and the pre-show ends.

WWE Survivor Series Brooklyn, New York

Commentators Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves RAW. With Michael Cole and Pat McAfee for SmackDown.

– Tonight begins the WWE Survivor Series, featuring the show’s opening ad and Pyros. We watch a video about the story between Becky and Charlotte.

SmackDown Champion vs RAW Champion

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

At the end of the fight, Becky makes her rock bottom and covers her, but Charlotte puts her leg on a rope. Becky goes with a picture four in Charlotte. As the two kick each other, Charlotte turns the submission to her side. Becky grabs a rope to break the submission. Charlotte makes a big boot to get Peggy out of the ring. Charlotte makes a moonshine at the local Becky and brings her back to the ring. Charlotte uses her disarm harness for Becky, who grabs a rope against Peggy. Two transfer feet, Charlotte rolls over Lynch while holding a rope, but Ref looks at the gesture. Becky shifts the pin, grabs the rope to finish all three and gives Charlotte a quick count!

Cognande: Peggy Lynch (RAW)

– After the fight, Peggy celebrates her victory. Charlotte laughs.

– We present the video of The Rock debut 25 years ago in the Survivor series.

Men’s 5 to 5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Competition

Raw (Seth Rollins, Finn Blor, Kevin Owens, Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley) vs. SmackDown (Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Sheamus and Happy Corbin) With Madcap Moss

The fight starts and Owens wants to start. The bell rings. Owens left the ring and the referee counted him out of the match.

  • Balor removes the carbine with his Coupe de Grace in a figure of three.
  • Lashley takes Woods out to punch with a spear and his hurt lock.
  • Lashley and McIntyre start fighting on the ringside, and both are eliminated in the top ten.
  • Schimmus defeats a Coupe de Grace and makes his Brock kick in Balor for a total of three.
  • Theory removes Shimes by rolling up by pulling the panties to complete all three. Sheamus is furious and wears his partner Jeff’s clothes.

At the end of the fight, Rollins takes the tag and splashes a frog to cover Jeff, but he resists. Theory takes the tag and they want to double duplex, but Jeff pushes both. Jeff makes a Swanton snake theory for three numbers. Then Jeff stops the stomp and makes a twist of fade in Rollins! Jeff enters Swandon, but Rollins blocks him with his knees, and he makes a stamp for the number three.

Winners: Team Ra

– Today we show the previous video when Vince McMahon arrives with his golden egg.

– Behind the scenes, Vince McMahon is in his office, Roman Rains enters. Vince gave the golden egg to Roman Raines. Vince says it came from his cousin. The Rock debuted in the Survivor series 25 years ago and gave him this prize. We need to see where The Rock is today, says Vince. Eggs are worth millions and millions of dollars. Reins says it’s like his next contract.

25-Man Dual Brand Battle Royale

Participants: Ricochet, D-Bar, Mansour, Cesaro, Montes Ford, Angelo Dawkins, Eric, Ivory, R-Truth, Drew Gulag, AJ Styles, Omos, Sami Jane, Humberto, Angel, Apollo Cruise, Comma, Comma , Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Root, Jinder Mahal and Shanky

At the end of the fight, there are Omos, Ricochet and Montes Ford. Omos throws Ford at the bottom of the ring. Ricochet gives Omos some punches and wants to get him out, but Omos stops him. Omos throws him down the ring.

Winner: Omos (RAW)

– After the fight, A.J. Styles wanted to eat pizza at Ringside, but Ford kicks him. Ford throws pizza pieces into the crowd and escapes with the pizzas.

– We present the promotional video for WWE Day 1, which takes place on January 1, 2022.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions vs Raw Tag Team Champions

Usus (Jimmy and Jay Usho) Vs RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Riddle)

At the end of the fight, Orton picks up the tag on the back. Jimmy jumps the puzzle super kick, but Orton surprises him with the nowhere RKO for the number three.

Cognants: RK-Sako (Ra)

– Behind the scenes, Adam Pierce and Sonia Devil discuss the evening. Vince McMahon is coming (egg is gone). Vince greeted both of them in the evening. He notices that the egg is no more. Vince says someone stole his $ 100 million egg! We need to call the police! Deville will take care of it. Vince wonders if the culprit is a superstar or someone from Brooklyn. Vince tells Pierce to investigate the superstars. Vince says The Rock will be angry. He will make the final if he is to complete the trial in RAW tomorrow.

– We present a video on Xia Li.

Women 5-for-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Competition

SmackDown against Raw (Bianca Blair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella and Queen Jelena) (Sasha Banks, Shyna Posler, Shatsi, Natalia and Tony Storm)

Carmella wants to wear her mask, but the storm rolls her into a number three.

  • Storm removes Jelena with her storm zero at number three.
  • Morgan takes out the storm in three counts with his flatliner.
  • Banks and Shatsi outscore Morgan with two splashes in three counts.
  • Basler kicked Ripley out with a kick out of three.

At the end of the fight, Blair finds himself alone in the ring. Shatsi and Sasha argue about the tag. Natalia and Basler are also involved in the debate and see the banks being evicted by the countdown. Natalia uses her sharpshooter on Blair, but Blair pushes her back with a quick number to eliminate her. Blair wants to calculate Posler quickly, but Posler kicks him. Basler wants to make her submission, but Blair knocked her out with a slam slam of three. Chhattisgarh and Bellar trade feet. Blair KODs him on behalf of all three.

Winner: Team Ra

– Behind the scenes, Kalya Braxton stops Paul Heyman. Hayman says he knows nothing about the missing egg. But if she’s looking for a suspicious person, there’s room full of people from Brooklyn. Froxton said he did not want to talk about it. She wanted to tell him that Brock Lesnar’s suspension was over. Heyman says Adam Pierce is the one to worry about.

– We present a video on the history between E and Reigns.

Champion WWE vs Champion Universal

Big E vs Roman Reigns Paul was with Hyman

At the end of the fight, Big E Superman tricks Punch, but Reynolds hits him with a rock bottom, but he confronts the two. Reigns punches a Superman in the Big E, but he stands still. Raines gives him a second Superman punch, but Big E gets up again. Rule with the third Superman Punch! Reigns prepares for a spear, but Big E rises again. Big E takes him to the finish, but Reynolds pushes him away. Big E pushes him on the armor and throws him a spear. Big E brings him back to the ring, but Reynolds gives him a spear to cover him, but Big E opposes both. Reynolds takes him to submit, but Big E pushes him back into the corner. Big E enters the spear, but Reynolds stops him. Reine uses his guillotine for him, but Big E does not fall and knocks him down at the Big Ending to cover him up, but Reines catches a cable. Reynolds slides out of the ring, and Big E pushes him against the post and block. Reins pushes him back onto the steel step and gives him a Superman punch. Reynolds brings him back to the ring and pushes him to the number three.

Cagnant: Roman Reigns (SmackDown)

– Reins celebrates his victory and the show ends like this.

Photo credit: WWE

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