Belgium: Thousands of protesters in Brussels against anti-virus restrictions

According to the police, about 35,000 people initially took part in the peaceful protest. Persons. As witnesses reported, the demonstration turned into clashes with the officers when some protesters began to return home.

The protesters, wearing black hoods, began throwing stones at officers, destroying cars, and setting fire to containers. Policemen were also bombarded with firecrackers and firecrackers.

Police with a water cannon launched an attack at a crossroads in the central part of the city, in front of the building where the European Commission is located.

As a line of policemen approached them, the demonstrators gathered their hands, chanting “Freedom!”. One of the demonstrators carried a cartoon that read: “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” The anti-fascist song “Bella Qiao” was also sung.

According to official information, three policemen and one protester were injured. 42 people were arrested, two of whom were arrested on suspicion of participating in a riot.

The Belgian government tightened restrictions imposed to combat the Corona virus last Wednesday, to expand the scope of the obligation to wear masks and work remotely in the face of the increasing number of infections.

Belgium has approximately 14,000 jobs per day. New cases of Covid-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 1,581,500 people have fallen ill and 26,568 have died in a country of 11.7 million people.

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