Work in the Netherlands.  Fastest wage growth in 40 years, but still not keeping pace with inflation

According to the Dutch statistics office CBS, in the first three months of this year, wage growth averaged 5 percent, while a year ago it was 2.7 percent. Wages in the Netherlands have never risen so quickly in the past 40 years.

The Central Bureau of Statistics explains that this is the result of collective labor agreements previously entered into by employers and employees. In the Netherlands, 80% of all employees are covered by these agreements. According to CBS data, the largest salary increase occurred in the hospitality industry – an average of 8 percent.

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More expensive than increases

“Wages follow prices,” commented the statistical information of the newspaper “De Volkskrant”. The newspaper confirms this Real purchasing power in the Netherlands continues to decline by about 1.5 per cent as wages grow slower than inflation. Earlier CBS data showed that consumer prices in the first quarter of the year were about 6.6 percent lower than they were in the previous quarter. higher than the previous year.

According to the Planning Office CPB, the average statistical earnings in 2022 in the Netherlands are around 3.16 thousand euros per month. Compared to earnings in Poland, this is a high amount, but the cost of living in the Netherlands is among the highest in the European Union. The price of a regular loaf of bread is around €3 – and it has increased by almost 16% over the year.

In Poland, wages do not keep pace with inflation

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