Elon Musk wants to replace Twitter with his own platform

In recent days, owner of, among other things, Tesla Elon Musk has announced plans to create its own social media platform. In his opinion, Twitter restricts “freedom of expression”. The billionaire conducted a survey among Internet users.

The survey contained one question. It’s concerned Freedom of expression on the portal Twitter.

Musk: Does Twitter respect freedom of expression?

Freedom of expression is essential to the functioning of democracy. Do you think Twitter strictly adheres to this rule? Elon Musk wrote on Twitter.


Internet users can answer the question by choosing “yes” or “no”. More than 2 million people participated in the survey. Approximately 70.5 percent answered in the negative. According to the majority of respondents, Twitter does not respect the principle of freedom of expression.

In response to the results of the vote, the head of Tesla and SpaceX asked netizens what to do in this matter and whether in their opinion there is a need for a new platform?


Will Elon Musk create his own platform?

According to reports from Reuters, Elon Musk is “serious” about creating his website.

“If Musk decides to create a new platform, he will join a growing group of technology companies presenting themselves as defenders of free speech,” the agency said.

Media report shows that “mainstream” portals are the most popular. “None of the companies, including Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Twitter rival Gettr and Parler, and Rumble’s video service, have yet to rival the reach and popularity of the major platforms,” ​​Reuters said.

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