March 29, 2023


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Who believes in conspiracy theories?  People with these personality traits dominate

Who believes in conspiracy theories? People with these personality traits dominate

Where do I come from VaccinesOr Flat Earthers or other people who are completely convinced that the whole world is wrong, and that only they are right? Although since the dawn of history, almost every successive generation has not lacked of people predicting the imminent apocalypse, the next coming of Christ, the Great Flood, and other calamities, it is hard not to notice a few of them lately.

Elvis is alive and Princess Diana… Elton John’s husband?

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a perfect breeding ground for all those who believe in a global conspiracy to surreptitiously control the masses that has stunned the media, but before anyone heard about the coronavirus online, entire communities were telling each other that they met again. Michelle Jackson Or Elvis himself, who is still alive and doing well – just like Princess Diana, who changed her gender after a car accident arranged by the British royal family and … played the husband Elton John She sings a satirical tune earlier at her funeral.

Among the most absurd content that can be found in the darkness of the Internet is “unmask” material that reveals, for example, that Michelle Obama is a transvestite because … her children come from IVF, and Lady Gaga is said to be the same height and palm length as Amy Winehouse , because … it is the same person, whose acting talent and exceptional vocal skills allowed for some time to make double profits in completely different musical genres both on the American market and in Europe. Who believes that?

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Psychological portrait of conspiracy theorists

Cynical manipulators, impulsive and soulless, self-sensitive people with a narcissistic personality and cruel sadists – these people, according to American psychologists, are the most distrustful of others, do not care much about the opinion of the environment and do not feel it. They have enough control over their own lives, which makes them more susceptible to “stories of strange content” and other conspiracy theories that the greatest philosophers could not even dream up.

The latest research findings on this topic have been published in the prestigious journal “Personality and individual differencesConducted by researchers from the University of Oregon on a group of more than half a thousand students.


Fake news is more attractive than boring truth – that’s why so many people love it?

A slightly more detailed analysis of the proponents of alternative versions of reality in pages “British Journal of PsychologyResearchers presented by the Free University of Amsterdam. They argue that conspiracy theories elicit a more intense emotional response in people who do not have enough of an enjoyable life to feel fully satisfied. In their case, ‘feeding on’ such exotic content is treated as entertainment, What logic suggests is of secondary importance to them.

“Until I used the Internet, I did not know that there were so many fools in the world” – claimed Stanislaw Lim, although in fact … he never said these words, despite the fact that the quote bearing the signature of the writer was circulated thousands of times. In the global village in which we are stuck today, information has a life of its own, and checking it often makes no sense to those who are firmly convinced of what they believe, even though it often has nothing to do with the truth.

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I wonder what the author of the famous “Fantasy Robots”, which today spreads science fiction fairy tales, will say, i.e. fake newsAre there… real robots?

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