October 6, 2022


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First National Day for Dialysis Patients

First National Day for Dialysis Patients

For the first time this year, a nationwide Dialysis Patient Day was announced. Falls today, November 8. It is an initiative of the Dialysis Patients Company. He takes care of patients undergoing dialysis to improve the quality of life of kidney patients and patients undergoing long-term procedures. There are people who have undergone dialysis for thirty years or more. They should be at the station three times a week, no matter the conditions. They need it to live like water, although water is their biggest problem.

– Water is the main problem of the body – says Anthony Osenko (69). – It is not allowed to accumulate. It requires austerity and discipline, because water is everywhere – in vegetables and fruits. It’s boring, but I know it’s impossible to work without it, so I’ve adapted and lived. The hardest thing is in hot weather. The man is dehydrated by thirst. But what can you do. You have to create a dam and maintain the barriers. When you overdo your diet, dialysis turns out to be correct. The nurses are waving their fingers: Mr. Anthony, you must not, you have exaggerated …

When Mr. Anthony fell ill, he didn’t think kidney disease would set the rhythm of his life – I didn’t think it would be this way for the rest of my life. You have to accept that, go on a diet, get moving in order to be relatively active, listen to the doctors and not skip dialysis, she says.

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