March 22, 2023


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Withdrawal of Tokyo Olympic medals from the League of Nations.  End

Withdrawal of Tokyo Olympic medals from the League of Nations. End

The Argentines caused quite a stir on Saturday by defeating the Frenchman 3:1 and pushing the current Olympic champions from the position of leader of the main stage. The League of Nations. This unexpected victory gave the Argentines a chance fighting To upgrade to the playoff stage, which includes the eight best teams from the main stage.

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Grbi does not promise victory even in a friendly match. What about the League of Nations or the World Cup?

From the beginning of the meeting with the United States, the Argentines knew what was going on Game. At the start of the first set, they built a two-point advantage that they held for a long time. from 10:10 Game However, it was “point by point”, even though the Americans were usually a bit ahead. But volleyball players Both teams were not able to jump out of their opponents, so the fate of the group was determined by an advantage game, in which the Americans turned out to be better, using only the fifth group ball.

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The second group had a very similar trajectory at first. Both teams were playing points for a point. At 5:5, the Argentines began to build an advantage, which was four points (7:11). The Americans rushed to catch up, even close by one point (17:18). But in the end, the Argentines again managed to jump out of their opponents, confidently winning the set to 22.

The third match was almost a copy of the second set. At first, both teams tied until the Argentines jumped again to three points (6:9). The Americans were chasing them again, getting close to the point (9:10) so the Olympic medalists from Tokyo could once again build a four-point advantage (11:15). The Americans again led to a tie (16:16), but since then the Argentines have done better, building a five-point advantage (17:22) and not giving that advantage until the end of the set, winning by 20 and one step away from making a big splash.

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The Argentines were about to make a big fuss

Two losing groups mean the Americans are starting to catch up. From 7:7 they decided almost everything that happened in court. They quickly built a three-point safe advantage (13:10). It was the last moment the Argentines could count on winning the fourth set. The Americans played brilliantly, breaking the Olympic medals 25:13 and leading to a tie-breaker.

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The Argentines, who built a minimum advantage of two points (2:4), fared much better. Soon the Americans led to a tie (4:4). However, neither team was able to jump out of their rivals, so the better game had to decide the fate of the whole match again. Once again, the Americans fared better at it, winning 17:15 and winning 3:2 the entire game.

This defeat certainly prompted the Argentines to bid farewell to the League of Nations, and they left the main stage. This is very exciting because they are Olympic bronze medalists from Tokyo.

League of Nations schedule:

  1. USA, X – 2 compare, 27 pages, collections 31:16
  2. Poland9-2, 28 points, 30: 9
  3. Italy 9-2 28 points 29: 9
  4. Japan 9-2, 27 points, 29:15
  5. France 8-3, 25 points, 28:11
  6. Brazil, 7-4, 21 points, 23:14
  7. Iran 7-5, 20 points, 10:19 p.m.
  8. Holland 6-5, 17 points, 8:18 pm
  9. Argentina 5-7, 18 points, 24:26
  10. Slovenia 5-6, 15 points, 5:21 pm
  11. Serbia 4-7, 11 points, 16:26
  12. Germany, 4-8, 10 points, 6:29 p.m.
  13. China 3-8 points 9, 1:25 pm
  14. Bulgaria 2-10 9 points 4:31 pm
  15. Canada 2-10, 6 pieces, 10:33 a.m.
  16. Australia, 1-10, 2 points, 8:32
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